Top 10 Best Anime Arcs Of All Time

Best Anime Arcs Of All TimeBest Anime Arcs Of All Time

We all know that the entire anime series is fascinating and popular, but did you know that some anime arcs are far more popular than the majority of the entire series? So, in this article, we will discuss the best anime arcs of all time, which can outperform the popularity of an entire anime series.

The unexpected storytelling, interesting themes, extraordinary character development, heart-warming scenes, and the antagonist’s unique perspective are the main reasons for its popularity. All of the anime arcs on this list are fantastic in their own right and have the potential to outperform any anime series.

Here, you will also learn about the best aspects of these anime arcs and why they are superior to others. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the list of the 10 best anime arcs of all time.

10. Wano Country Arc (The longest arc ever in anime)

Wano Country Arc

Anime: One Piece

Fans have eagerly anticipated the Wano Country arc, which is unquestionably the longest arc ever in anime. Around two years ago, One Piece eventually made it into the Wano Country arc, and since then, fans have been able to enjoy some of Oda’s best work. It’s safe to say that this arc, which has already been deemed the best in the series, has exceeded all expectations.

The Best thing we can see in this Wano Country Arc is:

  • As previously stated, the conclusion of the Wano Country storyline will provide fans with a hint as to what the One Piece treasure is.
  • Unquestionably, the War of Wano will be the largest in the history of the narrative. Additionally, it will provide the groundwork for the Great War, which will break out immediately afterwards.
  • In Oden’s narrative, Eiichiro Oda of One Piece provided what might be regarded as the best flashback in all of One Piece.

9. Greed Island arc (Best training arc in anime)

Greed Island Arc

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Greed Island is undoubtedly one of the most underappreciated story arcs in the entire book. It was inevitable that this arc would receive less attention than the Yorknew and Chimera Ant arc, two of the best, most enjoyable, and thought-provoking in the narrative.

On the other hand, the Greed Island arc effectively implemented the core of HxH as a narrative importance, and it also provides the necessary purpose of serving as a foundation, a framework for the Chimera Ant arc. Aside from the story, this arc is also regarded as the best training arc in anime.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • In contrast to the exposure of the nature of their relationship, Bisky serves as the maternal figure who helps expand on the altruistic aspects of Gon and Killua’s relationship. In addition to this, she also helps to develop the power system greatly through her knowledge and rigorous training.
  • Entering the game played on Greed Island
  • Volleyball match between Razor and Gon, which includes Killua, Hisoka, and others.

8. Enies Lobby Arc (It is one of the top 5 best anime arcs in One Piece)

Enies Lobby Arc

Anime: One Piece

The third chapter of the Water 7 Saga and the sixteenth overall in the manga and anime series One Piece is The Enies Lobby Arc. It is one of the top 5 best anime arcs in One Piece.

This arc is about rescuing Nico Robin and Franky, the Straw Hats, Sogeking, the Franky Family, and the shipwrights of the Galley-La Company, who arrive at Enies Lobby aboard Rocketman. Furthermore, the World Government’s military, especially its lethal assassin group CP9, is blocking their path, though.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • The Going Merry, one of the Straw Hat Pirates’ nakamas, ultimately collapsed, bringing an unhappy conclusion to the Enies Lobby.
  • One of One Piece’s most important elements, if not the most important, is the lore of the Ancient Kingdom. The Enies Lobby arc gives us some insight into these characters’ backgrounds, way of life, and enmity despite its brevity.
  • The Strawhats were given some of the most incredible power-ups in this arc plot, which performed incredibly well.

7. Yorknew City Arc

Yorknew City Arc

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

The fourth (technically third) plot arc of the series, known as the “Phantom Troupe arc,” or “Yorknew City arc,” focuses on Kurapika’s involvement with the Mafia as he attempts to recover his clan’s stolen Scarlet Eyes. The majority of the action takes place in Yorknew City, where Kurapika’s quest finally entangles with the notorious Phantom Troupe, the group responsible for the murders of his tribe.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • Some of the most significant character fatalities occurred during the Yorknew City arc, which gives this arc a depth of realism unmatched by any other.
  • Hunter x Hunter fans were properly introduced to the Phantom Troupe during the Yorknew City storyline.
  • One of the primary reasons this arc is so special is that it provided the fans with an amazing character Chrollo.

6. Spring High Preliminary Arc

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Anime: Haikyuu!

The third season of the anime corresponds to the Spring High Preliminary arc. This arc is a prime example of how sports shows aren’t given the credit they deserve. Of all the newer series, it is my favorite story arc. This season’s episodes were all outstanding, and each character had wonderful moments that perfectly illustrated why we adore the Shonen genre.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • This arc depicts the final round of the Spring High Preliminary Arc between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa. The Under-19 Japan National Volleyball Team member is on one of the teams that Karasuno must defeat in the championship match between the two teams.
  • Amazing emotional peaks can be found in David versus Goliath narrative.

5. Pain’s Assault Arc

Pain’s Assault Arc

Anime: Naruto

It is not surprising that Pain’s Assault Arc appears in debates about the best anime arcs of all time because many fans believe it to be the pinnacle of the series. After all, the Pain’s Assault arc had a significant impact on Naruto Uzumaki’s personality and helped him develop into the figure he is today. At the same time, this story arc effectively showcases Kishimoto’s writing strengths, which results in a superbly crafted and compelling story arc from beginning to end.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • Naruto accomplishes his biggest goal when he is lauded by everyone as the savior of Konohagakure.
  • The Battle Between Taka and the Eight-Tails
  • Pain battle plans for the invasion.
  • The Battle Between Naruto and Pain
  • Nagato explains why he hated Konoha and what made him the way he was.

4. Ruhenheim Arc

Ruhenheim Arc

Anime: Monster

The final arc of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster manga series is titled Ruhenheim. As Monster as a whole doesn’t fit the arc model, Ruhenheim may not be considered an arc in the conventional sense, but I still wanted to include Monster’s final episode because it is so excellent.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • Every character in the arc has the ideal resolution.
  • The series’ excellent theme
  • Lastly, Johan demonstrates why he is one of the best antagonists in anime history.

3. Return To Shiganshina Arc

Return To Shiganshina Arc

Anime: Attack On Titan

Arguably the best arc in the Attack on Titan series and one of the best anime arcs of all time is “Return to Shiganshina.” This is due to the fact that the mysteries and foreshadowing that Isayama had meticulously woven into the first “half” of the series are ultimately revealed, thus closing the chapter on it.

The story’s arc quenches the audience’s appetite for action, provides poignant character moments, and solves the Titans’ enigma. In fact, “Return to Shiganshina” is such a comprehensive story that it might be seen as a different way to wrap up the series, especially by those who aren’t happy with the official conclusion.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • Eren’s personality started changing after knowing the truth and seeing Grisha’s memories.
  • The Truth About Humanity Was Revealed
  • The Way Armin Inherited The Colossal Titan
  • Erwin and many soldiers’ sacrifices
  • The Battle Between Levi and the Beast Titan

2. Marineford Arc (Best arc in shonen anime)

Marineford Arc

Anime: One Piece

The Marineford Arc, which follows the Impel Down Arc and is the fourth in the Summit War Saga of the One Piece manga, is the series’ twenty-second story arc. It is referred to as the Paramount War in the Viz Manga translation and the War of the Best in the Funimation version and subtitles.

As Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s brother, is going to be put to death at Marine Headquarters, the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies wage war to save him. One of One Piece’s greatest arcs, if not the greatest, is the Marineford one, which significantly enhanced an already excellent plot. That’s why it is well known as the best Arc in Shonen anime.

The Best thing we can see in this arc is:

  • The End Of The Marineford Arc Saw The Worst Generation Step Up & Take The Era By Storm.
  • The Marineford Arc Paved The Way For The Straw Hats To Grow Alongside Luffy
  • The Marineford Arc inspired Luffy to become stronger.
  • The War Finally Gave The Fans More Red-Haired Shanks
  • This arc marked the deaths of two beloved characters in one piece.
  • It gave the fans the story’s largest known war to date.

1. Chimera Ant Arc (The best arc in anime history)

Chimera Ant Arc

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

The Chimera Ant Arc is the sixth (officially fifth) story arc of the series and also the longest arc of the series. This is also the best Arc in anime history. As their party learns that a species known as Chimera Ants is eating humans, Gon and Killua are followed throughout this arc. The former sees Kite again. The Hunter Association’s Extermination Team, tasked with coping with the unprecedented threat to civilization, eventually involves the two boys.

The Best thing we can see in Chimera Ant Arc is:

  • Meruem and Komugi’s relationship is one of the greatest aspects of the Chimera Ant arc and a big reason why fans consider it so special.
  • This arc gave fans a look at Gon’s potential.
  • The Battle Between Isaac Netero and the Meruem
  • Great head-on-head fight between powerful characters.
  • Theme and concept of chimera ants.

I hope you liked and enjoyed my Top List of 10 best anime arcs of all time. Stay tuned for more amazing top lists and interesting anime write-ups.

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