Top 10 Best Anime Characters That Look Like Bodybuilder

Anime Characters That Look Like Bodybuilder

Anime is undeniably one of the most popular kinds of entertainment in the world. It has something for everyone with its diverse range of characters, captivating storylines, and eye-catching visuals. The character design and the entire feel that anime characters emit are the most appealing aspects of the medium. It’s given us some of the most incredible and greatest characters we’ve ever seen.

Their characters are filled with some of the most heartfelt personalities in any medium of entertainment. However, today we will concentrate on the top 10 best anime characters that look like bodybuilder. These characters range in age from young to slightly older. In their world, they are either decent or terrible people.

From bulky to aesthetic, they’re all unique in their own way. However, they have one thing in common. They’ll make your heart skip a beat since they’re so fit and muscular! So, brace yourself for a path brimming with bodybuilder!

So, without any further ado, here are the top anime characters that look like bodybuilder.

10. Sophia Velmer

Sophia Velmer

Sophia Velmer, popularly known as Valmet, She is a major supporting character in the Jormungand anime and manga series. In the anime, she is a retired military officer who now works as a bodyguard. There is no doubt that she is the best female anime characters that look like bodybuilder.

If we talk about his body, Valmet is a tall, youthful-looking woman with light skin, dark hair, and fair, narrow eyes. She has a slim waist, flared hips, taut buttocks, and broad shoulders. She also has a toned and slightly muscular physique.

At the same time, with a curvy and developed shape and well-endowed breasts, she is seen as quite appealing. So, girls, if you are reading this article, go and follow him and thank me later.

9. Ohma Tokita

Ohma Tokita

Ohma Tokita, is popularly known as The Asura and the man who loves to fight. He is the main protagonist of the Kengan Ashura anime and manga series.

If we talk about his body, Tokita is a man of above-average height and has an extremely athletic build. His physique resembles that of a professional callisthenics athlete who is very fit and has a lot of strength, similar to MMA fighters.

He has that kind of body that every callisthenic and MMA fighter desires. So, if you are in any of those categories, you must follow him to gain what you lack.

8. Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma is a major supporting character in the Baki the Grappler series. He’s the son of Yujiro Hanma and the elder brother of Baki Hanma, who is the protagonist of the series.

If we talk about his body, Jack’s physique looks to be similar to his grandfather, Yuuichirou, as if he had been a very large, muscular man with exceptionally broad shoulders. But his height differs from his grandfather’s.

He is extremely tall, with a height of 7’11 (243 cm). This is due to the fact that he has had numerous operations and surgeries to increase his height, as well as far too many drugs to gain a monster body like his father.

7. Broly


Broly is the legendary super saiyan of the Dragon Ball series. He is the misguided anti-hero of the Dragon Ball series movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.

If we talk about his body, Broly gains very large pump muscles that make his body fully buff when he transforms into the legendary Super Saiyn. But alongside buffness, he has great 6 pack abs and cuts all over his body. That makes him look like a professional bulky bodybuilder with experience who has no flaws.

6. Escanor


Escanor is also popularly known as The One and the Lion Sin of Pride. He is one of the main characters of the The Seven Deadly Sins anime/manga/light novel series.

If we talk about his body, Escanor is a very tall man with a great aesthetic physique. He has perfect 6 pack abs, curved legs, and a very vast chest with so many cuts in his whole body. Furthermore, when he walks, his body looks like some great bodybuiller. This is the kind of body that every bodybuilder dreams of having. So, there is no doubt you must follow his physique.

5. Naruzō Machio

Naruzō Machio

Naruzō Machio is a central character in the “How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?” anime and manga series. In the series, he is a very famous bodybuilder at Silverman Gym as well as the personal trainer of Sakura Hibik, the series protagonist.

If we talk about his body, Machio is a tall guy who happens to be slim or of average build, but he is actually rather muscular. When he flexes, he shows such a deceptively huge, thick, and well-defined body. He actually rips his clothes apart as he bulges out, until all he’s left with are his Speedos. After that, his body looks fully opposite to his babyface.

4. All Might

All Might

All Might is one of the main characters of my hero academia. He is very popular with fans because of his muscular and, at the same time, aesthetic physique as well as his charismatic personality.

If we talk about his body, All Might is incredibly tall and muscular with a great aesthetic shape, whose style is reminiscent of a basic American superhero. Furthermore, along with having a muscular body, he is also very clasthetic and has great flexibility and control in his body. There is no doubt that every bodybuilder aspires to have a flawless body like All Might.

3. Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma is the main character of his own name, the Baki franchise. Baki is the inspiration of many bodybuilder because of his incredible physique and personality.

If we talk about his body, Baki’s physique varies dramatically as he grows older during the series. Many aspects of his physique remain consistent, such as his body’s muscularity, flexibility, and durability. His body, which is well beyond that of an average adolescent, has been regarded as the product of constant, intensive fighting training. His limbs and muscles are also said to be superior to those of an Olympian.

2. Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma is the main antagonist of the Baki the Grappler anime and manga series. Furthermore, he is also the father of a baki hanma who is the protagonist of the series. He has the most fantastic and incredible body in the Baki anime/manga franchise, where everyone has an excellent physique.

If we talk about his body, Yuujirou is a well-built man who stands approximately 6’3″ tall and weighs around 265 pounds (190 cm and 120 kg). Despite the fact that Yuujirou isn’t as tall or as muscular as the majority of the characters on our list, he has a wonderful athletic body with broad shoulders and chest, and thinner legs. Most importantly, his anomalous back muscles that take the shape of a demon are his most popular body sign.

1. Superalloy Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine is a minor supporting character in one punch man anime/manga series. He served in the professional hero of the Hero Association as a S-Class Rank 11.

If we talk about his body, he is extraordinarily tall and muscular. His skin is black in colour and shiny in appearance. He has large lips, dark eyes, and strong brows, and his head is bald.

When Darkshine stretches, his muscles appear to expand to unnaturally large proportions. Darkshine’s overwhelming presence makes him appear considerably larger than he is under normal circumstances. His sole piece of clothing is a black speedo.

That’s it for this post and I hope you enjoyed and liked the top 10 Best Anime Characters That Look Like Bodybuilder. Stay tuned for more amazing anime write-ups.

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