6 Best Record Of Ragnarok Characters, Ranked

Best Record Of Ragnarok Characters

Record of Ragnarok is one of the most well-known and anticipated anime series. This series was written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu and created by Studio Graphinica. This series has a total of 12 episodes that were launched on Netflix on June 17, 2021. This article will inform you about the best record of Ragnarok characters and their incredible power level.

This series depicts the most fascinating and incredible battle between the gods and humanity. In this series, the Gods decide to eradicate humanity from the universe. Brunhilde, a valkyrie, was opposed to their decision and desired a single chance to prove humanity’s worthiness. The Gods then organised the Battle of Ragnarok and promised to spare them if they won.

Many powerful gods and humans competed in this tournament, putting up a tough fight. They all have superhuman physical strength, endurance, powers, skills, weapons, and so on.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best Record of Ragnarok characters.

6. Thor

Thor - record of rangnarok

God of Thunder

Thor, the Nordic God of Thunder, is a significant deity in the Norse Pantheon. In the first round of Ragnarok, Thor represents the Gods. He is also known by the name “Thunder Berserker.”

As a person, Thor is shown as an icy, harsh, and indifferent God, with a stern and distant expression on his face that makes him appear unapproachable to others. However, he is a passionate war maniac who enjoys combat, particularly against powerful and/or deserving opponents. He only displays delight and joy in actual battle, flashing his best smile in Ragnarok’s first round. He is also a man of few words, speaking only when absolutely required or in battle.

Thor is known as the “Nordics’ Strongest Warrior,” and he possesses near-unrivaled battle and strength abilities. He once fought alone against a force of 66 Jotunns and defeated them. In this fight, his single blow of a hammer killed each monster, making him a legendary figure in the Nordic Pantheon. His icy, harsh, and indifferent personality make him one of the best record of ragnarok characters.

5. Shiva

Shiva - record of rangnarok

God of Destruction

Shiva is a powerful deity and the Hindu Pantheon’s leader. He is a main god of hindu and also known as “Cosmos’ Bhairava,” the “Strongest God of Destruction,” and Heaven’s fiercest brawler. In the fifth round of Ragnarok, he will face Raiden Tameemon as the Gods’ representative.

As a person, Shiva is a mighty God who is free-spirited and confident. However, he also demonstrated violent impulses on some occasions. According to Vishnu, Shiva is constantly careless while he is kinder than anyone. Rudra responds that once he gets into a battle, he enjoys speaking with his punch more than anyone else. Varuna also compliments Shiva’s constant smile, no matter how many times he is struck. According to Agni, Shiva has no concept of limits.

In terms of strength, Shiva possesses exceptional unarmed combat abilities. He defeated 1116 Gods using only his fists, including Rudra, his partner, who assisted him in defeating 1115 of the 1116 Hindu Gods. With his four arms, he can perform moves and techniques that most Gods cannot. His brutal strength and exceptional unarmed combat abilities helps him to become one of the best record of Ragnarok characters.

4. Heracles

Heracles - record of rangnarok

God of Strength

Heracles was a notable deity in the Greek Mythos as the God of Fortitude. As the Gods’ representative in the fourth round of Ragnarok, Heracles will face off against Jack the Ripper. Along with Buddha and the Valkyries, he is also one of the few divine beings who oppose humanity’s annihilation.

As a person, Heracles is a man of dignity and honor, as he states, although not supporting humanity’s annihilation. This is because he feels universal and unbreakable love and kindness for all mankind. He is also regarded as the most ethical of the gods, as seen by his acts, ideology, judgment, and opposition to humanity’s annihilation.

In terms of strength, Heracles attained a degree of power on Zeus’ level after drinking Ambrosia and surviving, defeating Ares’ army. Even before he became God, he had the most endurance of any God, to an almost unlimited degree, which shows how potent he is. His ethics and Jugements makes him one of the best record of Ragnarok characters.

3. Buddha

Buddha - record of rangnarok

Founder of Buddhism

Buddha, being the founder of Buddhism, is a significant deity in the Dharmic Pantheon. Along with Hercules and the Valkyries, he does not want to kill humanity. Despite being designated as a spokesperson for the Gods, he is humanity’s representative in the sixth round of Ragnarok, going up against Zerofuku .

Before obtaining enlightenment and ascending to Godhood, he was a person by the name of Gautama Siddhartha and a well-known philosophical thinker from Nepal. As a person, Buddha has a lighthearted demeanor and does not appear to take things seriously. He is also outgoing and unafraid. He also appears to be hostile to and disrespectful of his fellow gods.

In terms of strength, Buddha possesses godly physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, stamina, and pure enlightened eight consciousness. Furthermore, he has extraordinary mental abilities such as wisdom, indomitable will, and enhanced charisma. His extraordinary mental abilities helps him to become the best record of Ragnarok characters.

2. Adam

Adam - record of rangnarok

First Human in Universe

Adam is humanity’s forefather. In the second round of Ragnarok, he will represent humanity against Zeus. He is the first person ever created in the likeness of the gods. Following their expulsion from Paradise, Adam and Eve descended to Earth and gave birth to humanity.

As a person, Adam is calm, collected, and unconcerned. To the chagrin of the other gods there, he speaks to Zeus in a very casual manner. He’s even shown to be rude to the latter, as when he chewed several apples and spit them on the floor, unaware of the Gods’ concern.

In terms of power, Adam may be the most powerful human in history, having gone toe-to-toe with Zeus, the head of the Gods’ League and champion of the Titanomachy, and nearly defeated him. Ares humbly stated, after experiencing Adam’s power, that he’d be no match for him, even if he trained for a thousand years. He is also in the best record of Ragnarok characters.

1. Zeus

Zeus - record of rangnarok

Supreme Greek God

Zeus is a well-known god and the patron of Greek mythology. In the second round of Ragnarok, he is the Gods’ representative against Adam. He is also the gods’ leader and the chairman of the Gods’ Council. He is also known as the “GodFather of Cosmos.”

As a person, he is a strange, proud, arrogant, and combat-hungry individual. When speaking to his fellow gods, Zeus is incredibly calm and authoritative, and when speaking he has a highly formal and wise demeanor.

In terms of power, Zeus is probably the most powerful god in existence. This is because he is able to defeat his father, Kronos, a Titan and the embodiment of time. Furthermore, he also enjoyed the Big Bang and, in his last form, may have destroyed Heaven.

Most importantly, other Supreme Gods, such as Shiva, could be terrified by Zeus, which demonstrates how powerful he is. He is also the strongest character in Record of Ragnarok. So, there is no doubt why he is at the top of the best record of Ragnarok characters.

I hope you found this article informative and entertaining. Stay tuned for more amazing and interesting anime write-ups.

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