Chainsaw Man Opening Cover by BTS Jungkook That Takes the World by Storm

Chainsaw Man Opening Cover by BTS Jungkook

Chainsaw Man easily was one of the biggest new anime series to arrive last year, with the first twelve episodes of the adaptation taking the world by storm not just thanks to Denji’s tragic story, but the aesthetic and rocking tunes that were littered in the television show. So popular has the opening theme of the series, Kick Back by artist Kenshi Yonezu, that it has garnered the attention of a major musician as Jungkook of the K-Pop band BTS took the opportunity to cover the rocking beat.

While each episode of Chainsaw Man’s first season saw the Kick Back theme ring in the individual instalments, each ending theme was a different one, normally reflecting the bloody events that had transpired in the half-hour adventures. BTS, the popular K-Pop boy band that has also taken the world by storm, hasn’t officially crossed over with the bloody anime franchise, though it’s clear that artist Jungkook is a fan of the dynamic soundtrack. With anime fans waiting for a second-season announcement for the Studio MAPPA adaptation, perhaps BTS might have some sort of hand in creating a tune for upcoming episodes, though nothing is confirmed at this point.

Chainsaw man opening KICK BACK cover by Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook has taken the anime world by storm with his captivating cover of the Chainsaw Man opening theme song, “Kick Back.” Fans were treated to a rare moment of musical magic during a recent live stream when the talented artist gave the popular tune his own unique spin.

Jungkook’s cover release couldn’t have come at a better time, as BTS’s new movie “BTS Yet To Come” is currently hitting theaters for a limited run. The film, which began its limited release on February 1st and runs until the 5th, gives fans a closer look into the lives and journey of the K-Pop sensations.

Jungkook’s stunning take on “Kick Back” showcases his versatility as an artist and the incredible range he brings to the table. The BTS member’s powerful vocals and smooth delivery take the already electrifying tune to new heights, leaving fans in awe of his musical prowess.

This cover is a testament to the reach of BTS and their ability to bridge the gap between the worlds of K-Pop and anime. With BTS’s new movie bringing even more attention to the group and Jungkook’s stunning cover, it’s clear that the K-Pop sensation is just getting started on their journey to conquer the world of music and entertainment.

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