Deku Makes History in MHA Cliffhanger

Deku Makes History in MHA

The finale of the “My Hero Academia” series is finally here and it promises to be an epic showdown between the heroes and the villains. The fate of the hero world rests on the shoulders of the young and aspiring hero, Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. As he gears up for the final fight against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, the weight of the world is on his shoulders. But, with determination in his eyes and a heart full of courage, Deku is not backing down.

Finally Deku is ready to make history through this final battle which is more than just a fight between good and evil, it is a battle for the future of the hero world and the legacy that will be left behind.

In this battle Deku unleashes all of his strength and skills, determined to end the reign of terror brought upon the world by Shigaraki and All For One. The air is filled with explosive energy as the two warriors collide in a battle that will be remembered for generations to come. With every punch, every dodge, and every scream, Deku is writing his name in the history books as the hero who brought peace and justice back to the world.

The final act of the “My Hero Academia” series is not just about the defeat of the villains, it is about the triumph of the human spirit and the power of courage and determination. As Deku stands victorious, the Business Course will have captured a moment in time that will inspire generations to come. The legacy of Deku and the final act of the series will live on forever, cementing his place as the number one hero in the world.

What Will Deku’s Historic Moment Be in My Hero Academia?

Deku's Historic Moment Be in My Hero Academia
Source: My Hero Academia manga

Chapter 379 of My Hero Academia is filled with action and drama as Deku faces off against the villainous Shigaraki. The stakes are high, as the future of not only U.A. Academy, but the entire world, rests on the outcome of this battle. Meanwhile, the Business Course watches on with their cameras, capturing every moment of the fight for posterity. This role may not be as glamorous as the front-line fighters, but it is crucial in documenting the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War.

The footage captured by the Business Course will play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the war and the legacy of the heroes who fought in it. If Deku manages to emerge victorious against Shigaraki, he will secure his place in the annals of history as a prominent hero. This is especially important for Deku after everything that transpired during his Dark Deku phase, where his actions were shrouded in darkness and doubt. By defeating Shigaraki, he will be able to prove his worth as a hero and win back the hearts and minds of those he saves.

However, winning is easier said than done. Shigaraki is a formidable opponent, and Deku will have to dig deep to overcome him. But even if he fails, the footage captured by the Business Course will serve as a testament to his bravery and determination. Regardless of the outcome, Deku’s fight against Shigaraki will go down in history as one of the most epic battles in the annals of heroism.

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