Love Is War Season 3 Review

Love Is War Season 3 Review

Hey guys, welcome to animesimp. Today we are going to give you Love is War season 3 review. The “Love is War” series is a very popular rom-com anime series, and its latest season became a hit right after its first episode.

This is why many people who are so busy are asking for reviews to determine whether it is worth watching or not. So don’t worry, I’ll give you a genuine review of this anime because I am also watching this series currently.

So, without further ado, let’s do the love is war season 3 review.

Love is war season 3 trailer

About love is war season 3

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War: Ultra Romantic is the third season of the 2022 Japanese anime series Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. This series is based on Aka Akasaka’s manga series of the same name, which he wrote and illustrated. It was announced for production during the “Kaguya-sama Wants To Tell You On Stage” special event on October 25, 2020. With returning staff and cast members, the season premiered on April 9, 2022.

The opening theme is Masayuki Suzuki’s “Giri Giri,” which features Suu from Silent Siren, and the closing theme is Airi Suzuki’s “Heart wa Oteage” (“My Heart Doesn’t Know What to Do”). The ending song for Episode 5 is “My Nonfiction,” performed by Makoto Furukawa and Konomi Kohara as Miyuki and Chika, respectively.

Plot of love is war season 3

love is war season 3

“Kaguya-sama: Love is War” sticks mostly to the original manga. However, it occasionally follows its own chronological events in the story. This is due to the manga’s frequent flashbacks to specific events in Kaguya’s and other characters’ pasts, which are then integrated into the anime to allow for more linear storytelling.

However, the final major sections of the manga covered by Season 2 were Chapters 100 and 101, which feature the “Cell Phone Arc.” As a result, fans can expect to see events like Chapter 105’s midterm exams, Chapter 108’s rap battle, and probably even the numerous Christmas parties depicted in Chapters 149 to 156 featured in Season 3, along with plenty of other stories thrown in for good measure.

Worth watch or Not ?

Like Love is War, other seasons of this season also contain plenty of humour that will make you laugh out loud. One of the funniest scenes is when Chika learns rap from Mc Miyuki. This scene is shown in Episode 5, whose segment is “Chika Fujiwara Wants to Beat a Rhythm”. This scene again proved why this series stands as one of the funniest anime to ever exist.

When it comes to the third season’s story, the plot moves along nicely. Because their creator knows when they have to give you a laugh and when they give you heart touching emotions. They very precisely show you emotional scenes that will touch your heart.

The most overwhelming aspects are its characters. Each character is very unique and loves to watch in their own way. Still, if you want to know why you should watch it? How will you forget “Chika Fujiwara”? This one character is capable of making the show worthwhile. Chika Fujiwara is one of the most entertaining characters in anime. So, I personally recommend you to watch this series because it is definitely worth it.

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