My Hero Academia is on hold due to the creator’s health concerns

My Hero Academia is on hold

As the dedicated fanbase of “My Hero Academia” eagerly awaited the release of Chapter 380 on Monday, February 6th, they were left with a feeling of disappointment and confusion. It was the norm for fans to expect spoilers for the upcoming chapter to hit the internet as early as February 1st. But this time, things took a sudden turn.

The usual sources of leaks, who never fail to deliver, were all left scratching their heads in disbelief. They reported that the manga series had gone on an unexpected hiatus, leaving the readers in the dark. This sudden break has caused a storm of speculation among the fans. Some believe that this might be a planned break, while others believe that it could be due to some unforeseen circumstances.

However, despite the chaos and confusion, both VIZ and MangaPlus have yet to amend the release date on their respective websites. This only adds to the frustration of the readers as it suggests that the break was indeed too sudden and the digital platforms were not notified in time. The silence from both the publishers and the creators has only added fuel to the fire, leaving the fans to speculate about the future of the series.

In conclusion, the sudden hiatus of “My Hero Academia” has left its dedicated fanbase in a state of confusion and uncertainty. The lack of information from the publishers and creators has only added to the frustration of the readers, who are now eagerly waiting for any updates or announcements regarding the future of the series. But until then, all they can do is hope and speculate.

My Hero Academia chapter 380 has been delayed due to a sudden pause in the manga

My Hero Academia chapter 380 has been delayed
Source: My Hero Academia manga

The world of My Hero Academia is buzzing with news that its mastermind, mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, is taking a well-deserved break for two weeks. While this pause in publication is a cause for concern for fans, it’s important to remember that the creative genius behind the beloved series has faced increasing work pressure and declining health in recent months. With the final arc of the series just a year away, readers are speculating whether Horikoshi is taking his time to craft the perfect ending to this epic tale.

As the prints for Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 10 were already underway, the sudden break couldn’t be reflected in the publication, leading to some confusion. But fans can rest assured that My Hero Academia Chapter 380 will be released on February 19 in WSJ Issue 12. The related artwork depicts Deku in his vigilante gear, hinting at exciting developments in season 6 episode 18.

While it’s unclear what caused this latest hiatus, readers remain hopeful that Horikoshi is taking the time he needs to ensure the best possible outcome for the final arc of My Hero Academia. After all, a great story takes time and effort to craft, and the mangaka’s dedication to his craft is evident in every panel.

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