Top 10 Anime girls with black hair and purple eyes

Anime girls with black hair and purple eyes

Hey guys, welcome back to animesimp. Today we will talk about anime girls with black hair and purple eyes. We all loved anime girls and had a crush on them due to their stunning looks and charming personalities. Most of us love anime girls with black hair and purple eyes more than others. The reason is very simple: black is a natural colour and most of us have the same hair colour.

While anime girls with purple eyes have a very unique look, their eyes seem like sparkling water. So here in this article we talk about the best anime girls with black hair and purple eyes. All the anime girls on this list are very popular and beautiful, and might steal your heart with their beautiful purple eyes and amazing hairstyles.

So, without any further delay, here are the Top 10 best anime girls with black hair and purple eyes.

10. Shizuku Sango

Shizuku Sango

Anime: Kampfer

The tritagonist and third-year student at Seitetsu Gakuin High School, Shizuku Sango also serves as the leader of the Seitetsu Student Council. Shizuku is a tall, pale-skinned Japanese woman who is eighteen years old. Her raven-black hair is kept long and styled in a hime cut, with a long fringe that falls just over her eyes. She is one of the Three Beauties of Seitetsu because of how stunningly gorgeous she is.

She has been described as having the face and body of a fashion model and being highly sporty. She has beautiful purple eyes. She frequently appears wearing her school uniform and a crimson choker. She once made an appearance wearing a skimpy black bikini to display her stunning form.

9. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki

Anime: Bleach

The deuteragonist of the anime/manga series Bleach is Rukia Kuchiki. She is a Shinigami/Soul Reaper who bestowed Ichigo Kurosaki with his abilities. Byakuya has remarked that Rukia, a young girl with short black hair and dark purple eyes, resembles her older sister, Hisana Kuchiki, quite a bit.

Rukia dons a typical Shihakusho as a Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Rukia gets her hair cut into a bob that hangs about her face sometime after Aizen is defeated. She has white, fingerless tekkou that go above her elbows and resemble Byakuya’s.

8. Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, Homura Akemi serves as a key ally. Homura is a young woman with flat purple eyes and black hair that is cut to her waist. She usually always portrays herself in the present timeline with a grim, emotionless expression on her face and a black hairband on her head.

She wore red glasses and two interlaces of braided hair with purple bows, which caused her hair to branch out on two sides in the present era when the braids were removed, long before she realized the horrors of her fate in earlier futures. She is seen as a civilian wearing her school outfit.

7. Yozora Mikazuki

Yozora Mikazuki

Anime: Haganai

Yozora Mikazuki is the Haganai manga and anime series’ female deuteragonist. She is the Neighbor’s Club’s founder, first member, and club president.

Yozora had long, black hair that was free-flowing and finished with little pink ribbons. Yozora was frequently praised for her beauty and for having purple eyes. Yozora is typically shown wearing her school uniform, but when she is out in public, she chooses to dress in boyish clothes that make her seem good.

6. Kokoro Fushikawa

Kokoro Fushikawa

Anime: Majikoi – Oh! Samurai Girls

In Majikoi-Oh! Samurai Girls, Kokoro Fushikawa is the second main character. Kokoro is a student at Kawakami Academy. She is descended from one of Japan’s three noble houses. For Yamato Naoe, the protagonist of the series, Kokoro Fushikawa is one of the key heroines or love interests.

She attends Kawakami Academy and is descended from one of Japan’s three elite houses. Kokoro has purple eyes and long, black hair that is arranged in twin tails and a bun. Due to her faithful lineage standing, Kokoro always dresses in a high-class kimono.

5. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

Anime: Soul Eater

One of the main characters and Black Star’s weapon partner in the anime/manga series Soul Eater is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. Tsubaki is a tall, well-endowed, and about sixteen or seventeen years old young girl of Japanese heritage. She has big purple eyes and long, black hair that is pulled back in a ponytail.

She has a bright yellow star sewn onto the right side of her chest and is dressed in a light yellow, sleeveless costume with a side slit skirt. She additionally adorns her right leg with a tight dark brown stocking that begins just above the knee, a dark brown scarf, and white boots.

4. Isabella


Anime: The Promised Neverland

A significant figure in The Promised Neverland and the primary adversary of the Introduction and Jailbreak arcs was Isabella, commonly known as Mama. Isabella looked after the orphans who resided in Grace Field House while working there as a caretaker. She may at first seem to the children to be a devoted and sympathetic mother, but in reality she is very detached from their awful fates and has a twisted character.

Isabella had fair skin, a towering stature, and dark purple eyes. She had a bun of dark brown hair on the back of her head that hung down. She wore a black dress with a white shirt underneath and a white apron over it as her clothing.

3. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Anime: Monogatari series

One of the key characters in the Monogatari series is Tsubasa Hanekawa. She attends Naoetsu Private High School and is a close friend and classmate of Koyomi Araragi. She is the narrator of Wazamonogatari and Nekomonogatari (White), respectively.

Tsubasa is a teen girl with black hair, purple eyes, fair skin, and glasses. She is very popular among fans because of her extraordinary eyes and hair. That is why she is at the top of our list of anime girls with black hair and purple eyes. Suruga Kanbaru, Hitagi Senjougahara, and Koyomi Araragi all praised her beauty. Even when she is not in school, she virtually always wears the Naoetsu Private High School uniform.

2. Eru Chitanda

Eru Chitanda

Anime: Hyouka

The protagonist of the Hyouka anime series is Eru Chitanda. She attends Kamiyama High School and is the president of the club for classical literature. She is typically in charge of enlisting the help of the club in various mysteries that need to be solved.

Eru is a really adorable young lady with ordinary height, straight, black hair that is about mid-back in length, a shapely build, and big indigo-purple eyes. His Big purple eyes make him one of the best anime girls with black hair and purple eyes. She occasionally sports a rough, high ponytail that covers her eyebrows and has bangs that are cut directly over her forehead. She is typically seen wearing her school clothes. Eru dresses in rather baggy, “dainty,” attire when she isn’t wearing her school uniform.

1. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri

Anime: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Kanao Tsuyuri plays a significant supporting role. She is Shinobu Kocho’s Tsuguko, a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, and Shinobu and Kanae Kocho’s adoptive sister.

Kanao is a little young lady with soft, huge purple eyes that are framed by long eyelashes. She has thin black hair that is pulled back into a ponytail on the right side of her head and secured with an old Kanae Kocho adoptive sister’s pink and green butterfly ornament. Because of her beautiful purple eyes and hair, she is regarded as the top spot in our list of anime girls with black hair and purple eyes. She has two loose, chin-length strands that curl downward from above each of her ears, as well as a straight fringe.

I hope you liked and enjoyed my article on the top 10 anime girls with black hair and purple eyes. Stay tuned for more amazing Top 10 lists and interesting anime write-ups.

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