Top 10 Best Female Anime Outfits

Best Female Anime Outfits

Hey guys, welcome back to animesimp. In this article, we talk about the top 10 best female anime outfits. We all know that anime is very popular for its character outfits and fashion accessories. They inspire many people with their outfits and fashion accessories.

In this article, we give you the top 10 best female anime outfits of all time. Before writing this article, we researched all kinds of fashion in different countries. That’s why we’ve included all sorts of different types of outfits, such as cute, tomboy, royal, casual, and fanservice. They are all unique and fashionable in their own sense.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the top 10 best female anime outfits.

10. Jinx


Outfit: This character outfit gives you a tomboy look with a sadistic personality.

Jinx is a villain character in the MOBA game League of Legends, as well as one of the two major characters in the Netflix animated prequel series Arcane, which premieres in 2021. Her cosplay is very popular these days.

If we talk about her looks and outfit, Jinx has a light-skinned, slim figure. She is dressed in typical Zaunite punk street fashion. Her tattoos of stylised clouds, as well as her natural blue hair, are her most prominent traits. This character outfit gives you a tomboy look with a sadistic personality. Her outfits are also very popular among cosplayers and are considered one of the best female anime outfits. 

9. Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine

Outfit: This character outfit gives you a perfect hot, bold look with an arrogant demeanor.

Faye Valentine is the second main character of the anime and manga series Cowboy Bebop. She’s a wanted criminal who joined the Bebop gang after meeting them twice. She is also one of the hottest female characters of all time in anime.

If we talk about her looks and outfit, Faye is a young Singaporean woman with deep purple chin-length hair and green eyes. Her skin is pale, and her figure is tall and slim. Her favorite outfit consists of yellow shorts, a matching buttoned blouse, white ankle boots, flesh-colored stockings, and a loose red jacket. Her outfits are some of the best female anime outfits, which increases her hotness. 

8. Nico Robin

Nico Robin

Outfit: This character outfit gives you the sexiest look with a badass personality.

Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is the silent, restrained crew member who rarely displays emotions or has emotional outbursts. Nico Robin is very popular with fans because of his sexiest outfits and slender figure.

If we talk about her outfit, Nico Robins generally wears a revealing outfit that perfectly suits her tall and slender body. Her most popular outfits are “ENIES LOBBY” and “POST-TIMESKIP”. In enies’ lobby outfit, she wears a black leather dress and thigh-high boots that make her look badass. While in her post-timeskip outfit, she wears a blue leather jacket with a loose sarong that exposes her long, slender legs. This outfit by Nico Robin is considered as one of the best female anime outfits. 

7. Android 18

Android 18

Outfit: This character perfectly gives you a western tomboy look with a carefree attitude.

Android 18, a significant character in the DragonBall series, She first appeared as a major antagonist in Dragon Ball Z before becoming a major supporting character in Dragon Ball Super. She has a cool and self-assured demeanor, and her sarcastic humor is her most renowned personality trait. On August 1, 2010, this entry was published. Because of her personality, Android 18 is regarded as one of the most popular badass female anime characters of all time.

If we talk about her outfit, Android 18, is a thin, curvaceous, and stunning woman with fair skin and above-average height. She has many excellent outfits to choose from, but her best female anime outfits are a set of blue denim vest and skirt with dark blue tights, a brown belt, brown boots. She also wears a black shirt with white and black striped long sleeves (with the Red Ribbon insignia on the back of the vest).

6. Bulma


Outfit: This character gives you a bold western rider look with a horsewoman personality.

Bulma is the Dragon Ball franchise’s third main character. She appears as the second main character in Dragon Ball, is one of the major supporting characters in Dragon Ball Z, and progressively turns into a minor supporting character for the rest of the series, as well as in GT and Dragon Ball Super. Bulma is the series’ most prominent female character. Bulma is the longest-running character in the Dragonball franchise, aside from Goku.

If we talk about her outfit, throughout the entire series, Bulma has undergone the most changes of any character, with a total of 18 different hairstyles. Bulma has a really great fashion sense and has so many best female anime outfits, so you can try any of her outfits. But I personally recommend that you wear his “The Wild Rider Suit” outfit, which is designed as a motorcycle-riding suit.

This outfit includes a white t-shirt, a green harness, a left shoulder pad with a “BULMA” patch, two elbow pads, a pair of pants with the right pant leg cut off, and a green bag attached to the left thigh, as well as gloves and boots with the word “NAX” embroidered on them (presumably a brand name). Bulma also sports a pair of goggles and bandages on her exposed leg.

5. Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa

Outfit: This character outfit gives you a cute teen look with a lovely personality.

Marin Kitagawa is the lead female character in the My Dress Up Darling series. She is the most popular female character in 2022 because of her dressing sense and fashion accessories. She is a cosplayer, so there is no doubt why she is on our list.

If we talk about her outfits, they change depending on where she is. Marin possesses an impressive collection of the best female anime outfits. She dresses in a white button shirt with one left chest pocket, a dark blue tie, a checkered skirt, black socks, and brown shoes for school.

She also prefers a flexible black necklace, two bracelets on her left arm, and rings on her right pinky finger and left index finger. When she goes somewhere informal, she wears a variety of outfits that suit her.

4. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

Outfit: This character gives you a super bold, hot Asian lady look with a seductive personality.

Boa Hancock is a supporting character in the One Piece series. She is known as the “Snake Princess” of Amazon Lily or the Pirate Empress of Amazon Lily. She is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and lords over the Kuja tribe. She is very popular with fans because of her fanservice outfits and fashion.

If we talk about her outfits, throughout the entire series, she wore many beautiful fanservice outfits. So you can try any of her outfits that you like, but I personally like her most in her first appearance in one piece. In her first appearance, she wore a revealing red blouse that exposed most of her breasts, a loose sarong that revealed her long, slender legs with the Kuja’s green insignia adorning them, and red high-heeled pumps.

This outfit perfectly suits her slim, athletic physique and curvaceous body. Furthermore, her long black hair that extends past her waist makes this outfit more beautiful. Her best female anime outfits make her appear bold and stunning.

3. Violet


Outfit: This character gives you a cute, beautiful, royal, western classic look with a delightful personality.

Violet is the main character of the Violet Evergarden anime series. Violet is a military veteran who served in the Leidenschaftlich military and was treated as little more than a weapon during the conflict.

Violet is considered one of the most beautiful female characters in the anime because of her doll-like appearance and her almost stoic nature. She had one of the best female anime outfits which looked very classic and iconic on her. She mostly wore a Prussian blue jacket over a white ribbon-tied dress.

Violet also wears a white pleated silk skirt with an emerald brooch in the center of the ribbon tie, a present from Gilbert. Furthermore, She wears deep brown leather boots with heels and brown gloves. Violet also takes a brown bag and a blue parasol when she goes on longer trips.

2. Yor Forger

Yor Forger

Outfit: This character gives you an aesthetic, classic spy look with a deadly personality.

Yor Forger is the third main character in the anime and manga series SPY x FAMILY. She works as a normal clerk at Berlin City Hall while also being a garden assassin known as “Thorn Princess.” Because of her charm and personal characteristics, she becomes one of the most popular female characters in 2022.

If we talk about her looks and outfit, Yor is a lovely lady with fair skin, long dark hair, and slightly upturned crimson eyes. She is one of the popular characters who has the best female anime outfits. Her signature look is a form-fitting halter-style black dress with a rose collar.

There is a red rose design on the inside of her skirt that accentuates her shoulders and cleavage. The skirt falls mid-thigh in the front and below her knees in the back. She also wears fingerless gloves and thigh-high boots in black.

1. Misa Amane

Misa Amane

Outfit: This character gives you a cute, fashionable idol look with an endearing personality.

Misa Amane is the second antagonist in the Death Note franchise. She is a famous model and actress, as well as a supporter and lover of Light Yagami (the series’ main antagonist). Misa is very popular with fans because of her cute, innocent face and her great fashion sense.

She has a lot of best female anime outfits due to her work as a model for different agencies. If we talk about her looks and outfit, Misa is a short, slender, attractive young woman with long, straight, golden-blonde hair. Her hair is most commonly styled with a portion of her hair in pigtails tied with red bands.

Misa has the best female anime outfits which are very fashionable and popular. She mostly wears goth or punk outfits in a very Japanese way, with platforms and heels. Furthermore, she wears fashionable accessories like chains, skulls, necklaces, or zippers.

I hope you liked and enjoyed this amazing list of wonderful outfits. Stay tuned for more interesting lists and fascinating anime write-ups.

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