Top 10 Most Overrated And Underrated Anime Series

Top 10 Most Overrated And Underrated Anime Series

Hello everyone, and welcome back to animesimp. Today, we’ll recommend the top 10 most overrated and underrated anime series. There are many anime series that have a huge fan following and are extremely popular all over the world. Some of them are well-deserved, while others have been just over-hyped.

Most people only watch the hyped-up series without paying attention to the plot or themes. As a result, bad anime series are overrated while good anime series are underrated. In this article, we discussed the top 10 most overrated and underrated anime series, as well as the reasons behind them. Here, you can also find out if they are really overrated and underrated or not.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 most overrated and underrated anime series.

10. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins


The Seven Deadly Sins is an adventure fantasy anime series that was based on Nakaba Suzuki’s manga of the same name. It has 5 seasons, consisting of 100 official episodes, 3 OVAs, and 2 featured films. Its first three seasons and first film were created by Studio A-1 Pictures, while the latter two seasons and second film were created by Studio Deen.

The Seven Deadly Sins tells the story of the Seven Deadly Sins, the deadliest group of warriors. Every member of this group represents each of their sins. Meliodas is the leader of the group that rebels against the Holy Knight in order to liberate the Liones Kingdom. Later in the series, the series takes a tragic turn, revealing Meliodas’ true identity as a cursed son of the Demon Kings.

This series, in my opinion, is one of the most overrated anime series due to its bad animation and unchoreographed action sequences in its third season. I know its plots and themes are intriguing, but the only reason I think it’s overrated is because of its animation.

9. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia is a superhero and adventure anime series based on Kohei Horikoshi’s manga of the same name. It has a total of 113 official episodes, 6 OVA episodes, and 3 long feature films that were created by Studio Bones in 2016.

This series depicts a fictitious world in which nearly everyone is born with a superpower. Some people who use their superpowers for good are known as heroes, while those who use them for evil are known as villains. It primarily follows the story of a young boy named Midoriya, who lacks superpowers but still aspires to be a hero.

My Hero Academia is the best modern superhero anime series, with incredible art and animation. I don’t understand why it is the most underrated anime and doesn’t have the same level of popularity as other Shounen series. Its animation and storytelling are unlike anything else in the shounen genre. Believe me when I say that it deserves more love from us than it currently receives.

8. Fruit basket

Fruit basket


Fruit Basket is a romance and slice of life anime series based on Natsuki Takaya’s manga of the same name. Its first season is made up of 26 episodes created by Studio Deen in 2001, and its second season is made up of 63 episodes created by Studio TMS/8PAN in 2019. TMS Entertainment also created one long feature film for this series, which was released in 2022.

Fruit Basket tells the story of Tohru, a young high school girl, and her relationship with the extraordinary Sohma family. Every member of the Sohma family has a curse that causes them to transform into animals based on their zodiac sign whenever they are weak, stressed, or embraced. Tohru assists this family by attempting to heal their emotional wounds.

Fruit Basket is the most anticipated anime series of 2019, but it is not as good as everyone claims. It’s a slow-paced story with some overly dramatic moments, but I enjoy its saddest parts. Every character in the series is excellent and mature. However, I believe that people may overestimate it and make it one of the most overrated anime series.

7. Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect


Kokoro Connect is a supernatural and romantic anime series based on Sadanatsu Anda’s light novels. It is made up of 17 episodes that were created in 2012 by Studio Silver Link. It is the most underrated anime series and deserves more credit for its mind-blowing story.

This series tells the stories of five high school students and the supernatural and sense-altering problems they encounter on a daily basis. Heartseed, an unknown person, uses these problems against them to put their friendship to the test. The more they are exposed to this phenomenon, the closer their bonds become.

Kokoro Connect has some of the best psychological components, a twisted plot, incredible character development, wonderful animation and so on. This series is well worth watching and deserves more attention than it has received.

6. Vinland saga

Vinland saga


Vinland Saga is a historical and adventure anime series based on Makoto Yukimura’s manga of the same name. It consists of 24 episodes produced by Wit Studio in 2019. It is one of the best anime series, but it is also one of the most overrated anime series because the anime adaptation is not as good as the manga.

Vinland Saga tells the story of Thorfinn, a young boy who is the son of a Viking Commander. After his father is killed by Askeladd, he joins his crew to exact vengeance. He always challenges Askeladd to duels, but he can never be able to defeat or kill him.

This series has a great plot, but it becomes unrealistic after a few episodes. Thorfinn appears to be an overpowered character in some parts of the series. The main reason for its popularity is its incredible manga series, but its anime series does not deserve such a large following.

5. Eden of the East

Eden of the East


Eden of the East is a political thriller and mystery anime series based on an original story in Japan by Kenji Kamiyama. It is made up of 11 episodes and three feature films that were created in 2009 by Production I.G.

This series depicts an original story in which Japan was attacked by terrorists with 12 missiles on a day known as “Careless Monday,” but there were no casualties. Saki Morimi, a recently graduated girl, travelled to New York and met a Japanese man. This man has a strong connection to “Careless Monday.”

Later, he tells Saki about the attacks and how they are playing a game in which 12 people are given a large sum of money to save Japan from these missile attacks. This series is full of thrills and mysteries that you will enjoy watching. It is the most underrated anime series because most people have never heard of it, even if they are aware of its existence.

4. Fairy tail

Fairy Tail


Fairy Tail is a well-known adventure fantasy anime series based on Hiro Mashima’s manga of the same name. It consists of 328 official episodes and 9 OVA episodes that were created by four popular studios, i.e., A-1 Pictures, Satelight, Bridge, and CloverWorks.

Fairy Tail is composed of many of the most interesting magic concepts or powers that were beautifully demonstrated in the series. Some of them are Dragon Slayer Magic, which transforms the user’s body into a dragon, Satan Soul Magic, which allows the user to take over the powers and forms of different demons, and Time Magic, which allows the user to control the entity of time or completely pause the world’s time.

There are numerous reasons why I believe it is the most overrated anime series. For starters, its main character and antagonists have nothing unique that makes them lovable and popular. Its world-building is very beautiful, but we never get to experience it because it is only shown in a few missions.

3. Soul Eater

Soul Eater anime


Soul Eater is a dark fantasy and action anime series based on Atsushi Ohkubo’s manga of the same name. It consists of 51 episodes produced by Studio Bones in 2008. Its plot and themes are very interesting, and its animation is also very impressive.

Soul Eater follows the story of Death Weapon Meister Academy, a mysterious school. Shinigami runs this school, which trains humans with the ability to transform into weapons or who use these weapons. In school, there are three teams that must kill 99 evil souls and one witch in order to become “Death Scythe.” If they are unable to kill a witch, they will have to begin again.

There are many fantastic action sequences, excellent storytelling, wonderful world building, interesting characters, and much more in this series. It is the best option for anyone who enjoys watching action-adventure series with a sense of humour. This is without a doubt one of the most underrated anime series, and it has every right to be known as a popular series.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online


Sword Art Online is a science-fiction and adventure anime series based on Reki Kawahara’s light novel of the same name. It consists of 96 episodes and 3 long feature films that were created by A-1 Pictures. Its episodes and films were released between 2012 and 2020. This series also has one spin-off series, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun. Gale Online consists of 12 episodes.

Sword Art Online takes place in a futuristic virtual world and follows the adventures of two characters named Kirito and Asuna. They entered cyberspace and entered this game, but they are unable to log out due to technical difficulties. They must now complete all 100 levels of this game within a certain amount of time, or they will be expelled.

I truly say that this is one of the best anime series, depicting a mind-blowing story with excellent visual effects. It doesn’t have a single flaw that makes people dislike it. However, I believe that there are some similar series that deserve to be as popular as this one. That’s why I called it the most overrated anime series.

1. Monster

Monster anime


Monster is a psychological and thriller anime series based on Naoki Urasawa’s manga of the same name. It is made up of 74 episodes and was created in 2004 by Studio Madhouse. It depicts some of the most interesting psychological aspects of humans and society.

Monster tells the story of Dr. Tenma, a brilliant surgeon, and his patient, the deadliest serial killer, Johan Liebert. Dr. Tenma is a very honest person who does not agree with the hospital’s biased system of treating wealthy patients first. One day, he saves the life of a young child named Johan, who arrives first in the hospital instead of the Mayor of the City. This operation completely altered his life, affecting both his social standing and personal life.

Johan’s harsh truths about realities and societies are the best part of this series. He expressed some of the most profound ideologies about all human emotions, including love, fear, sadness, depression, and happiness. It is the most underrated anime series of all time, and it is far superior to all psychological anime series combined.

I hope you liked and enjoyed my recommendation of the top 10 most overrated and underrated anime series. Stay tuned for more amazing recommendations and wonderful anime write-ups.

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