10 Best Anime To Watch On Hotstar June 2024

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After the death of the Demon King, a group of demigods trying to inherit the world now. But other powerful people also fighting for it.  

Image Credit:- Passione Studio

The Fable 

A famous assassin talking high bounty from the last 6 years. But now he's given a mission to live a normal life. 

Image Credit:-  Tezuka Productions


His favourite MMORPG is scheduled to shut down permanently. But he refused to log out and decided to make his world.  

Image Credit:-  Madhouse

Go Go Loser Ranger

A foot soldier frustrated by the continuous defeats by the dragon keepers. He decided to take revenge on them. 

Image Credit:-   Yostar Pictures

Black Clover

Asta a boy who was born with no magic wants to become wizard king but his friend Yuno also wants to become wizard king. 

Image Credit:-   Pierrot studio

Undead Unluck

An unlucky girl and an undead man team up together to help each other. But an unknown assassin agency chasing them. 

Image Credit:-   David Production

Dr. Stone

After the whole humanity turns into stone. Sengoku who woke up after thousand years later decided to rebuild everything. 

Image Credit:-   TMS Entertainment


After being attacked by a hollow Ichigo becomes a soul reaper, but soul society doesn't like and wants to execute him. 

Image Credit:-   Pierrot

Summer Time Rendering

After the death of his childhood friend, he came back home but things got dangerous when he saw her dead friend duplicate.  

Image Credit:-   OLM studio

Heavenly Delusion

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic era where everything is destroyed and monsters roaming around a group of people trying to find a place called heaven. 

Image Credit:-   OLM studio

10+ Best Anime To Watch On Hotstar June 2024