8 Best Anime Series On Netflix Right Now 

By:- AnimeSimp

Mob Psycho 100 

Mob Psycho 100 is one of the most underrated anime of all time. It has amazing action, emotion and a great story. You guys will love this anime. It has 3 seasons and every season becomes good. 


Pluto is one of the best anime series on Netflix. Naoki Urasawa is the Monster too. If you have watched Monster then you already how good anime can become. You'll love anime and every episode has something good to show. 

Neon Genesis 

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular anime from the 2000s. The whole is humanity is attacked by an Unknown monster called angels. The story is so sad but at the same time interesting and worth watching. 

Vinland Saga 

Vinland's saga follows the story of a young boy whose father is killed by the raiders. He decided to take revenge on them, so he joined their group and started fighting alongside them. But everything changes once his goal changes. 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is anything you have ever seen. The whole anime is weird and different the characters are the key highlights of this anime. They'll make you laugh, cry and much more. The power system is also different.  

Delicious In Dungeon 

One party exploring a dungeon and their friend is stuck inside that dungeon. But now they don't have enough money to hire people and afford food. They decided to eat monsters inside the dungeon. 


Dorohedoro is another weird anime filled with mystery and thriller. The story takes place in the void where different people live and people from outside use them as a tool for experiment. A man with a crocodile face is one of the victims.

My Happy Marriage 

My Happy Marriage is one of the best romance anime from last season. You'll instantly connect with the characters. Miko was born as royalty but always got bullied by his father and stepmother. She was sent to marry a cruel man. 

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