8 Best Vampire Anime Of All Time  

By:- AnimeSimp

5 July, 2024

Vampire Princess Miyu 

It's not a traditional vampire, Miyu is both a predator and guardian. This series is filled with horror, fantasy, and drama. Miyu's journey is marked by her struggle with loneliness. The story takes it's time to set up but after that, it's really good. 


Blood-C is filled with thriller and action, that follows the story of Saya Kisaragi a seemingly ordinary schoolgirl. But in the night she wields a sword to fight monstrous creatures known as Elder Bairns. It has brutal action scenes. 

Call Of The Night 

The Call of the Night is a completely different anime series you have ever seen. The story follows a high school boy Yamori who loves walking in the night one night he meets a girl named Nazuna who turns out to be a vampire. 

Blood Lad 

Blood Lad is a supernatural action-comedy. It takes a different turn on vampires. A vampire who is obsessed with human culture like food, life and particularly anime and manga. The story also has so many action-fight scenes. 

Strike The Blood 

Strike The Blood follows the story of high school boy kojou Akatsuki, who unexpectedly becomes the fourth progenitor, a powerful vampire with immense abilities. The series combines action, fantasy, and harem element. 

Rosario + Vampire 

Rosario + Vampire is a supernatural comedy that follows Tsukune Aono, a seemingly average teenager who accidentally enrols in a school monster. I It has harem, romance, and comedy elements. Another vampire anime to watch right now. 

Hellsing ultimate 

Hellsing Ultimate is a proper vampire anime it has a brutal action scene and the storyline follows a dark tone. Hellsing is a British underground organization which keeps tabs on all the vampire and their activities. And destroy their evil planes. 

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas is an action-packed vampire anime filled with thriller, mystery, love and action. The story is set in 19th-century France. A doctor who is trying to cure all the vampires of a disease. This series has so many things to offer. 

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