9 Best Upcoming Anime Arc June 2024

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The Jeju Island Arc (Solo Levelling)

The next arc in solo levelling anime will be the Jeju Island arc, which will be more action-heavy and dark. Team Arise is going to be bigger and bigger. 

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Monster Association Arc (One Punch Man)

Monster Association Arc is going to be one of the best anime arcs. The fights are going to take place in space and the destruction is anything you have ever seen. 

Image Credit:-  One Punch Man Manga

Final War Arc (My Hero Academia)

This is going to be the last arc of MHA and it will settle most of the things in anime. Let's hope this arc revives the reputation of MHA and fans start liking it again. 

Image Credit:-  Studio Bones

Infinity Castle Arc (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer is going to end after the Infinity Castle arc. You will see every Hashira fighting together and finally we will see muzan action. Currently, it is going arc. 

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Shinjuku Showdown Arc (Jujutsu Kaisen)

In Shinjuku Showdown Arc you'll see Gojo Vs Sukuna going all out on each other. It is one of the best anime arcs on jujutsu kaisen. It will break all the records when it starts airing. 

Image Credit:-  Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Reze Arc (Chainsaw Man)

Reze Arc is going to be packed with action, love and violence. This arc is going to be in the form of a movie. You can watch it on Theater. Manga readers know how amazing it is. 

Image Credit:-  Mappa studio

Spade Raid Arc (Black Clover)

After the captain of Black Clover is abducted Asta, Yuno and the other captain is going to save them. The Spade kingdom is disturbed by the intruders. Yuno's past is also going to be explored. 

Image Credit:-  Studios: Pierrot

The Conflict (Bleach)

Bleach TYBW Arc is loved by fans worldwide. The next arc is going to deal with the conflict and amazing action between characters. This arc is going to be another amazing arc. 

Image Credit:-  Pierrot

Granolah The Survivor Arc (Dragon Ball)

This has the potential to become one of the best arcs in Dragon Ball anime. It's been a long time since we have seen ongoing anime of Dragon Ball. Let's hope we see this arc soon. 

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