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Disclaimer:- Don’t worry about spoilers, we are going to give you a synopsis of these anime, not the spoiler.

This year we have seen so many great anime arcs with great action, emotions and thrillers. Like Jujutsu Kaisen, Bleach, Demon Slayer and more. The Shibuya incident arc, Bleach Thousand Year Blood War arc and more broke the record and are loved by fans worldwide. The vast ocean of anime is filled with great anime arcs but we can’t cover them all, so we choose some of the best upcoming anime arcs.

This anime arc makes history by attracting an audience and delivering a glorious storyline, action and drama. Some of these anime are considered the greatest of all time, the unforgettable story and emotions that made fans cry and filled their heart with joy. The upcoming anime arc also delivers the same glory with its unique plot and characters.

We picked up some of the most hyped anime which has the potential to deliver something extraordinary to their audience by these upcoming anime arcs. These arcs are already so popular among manga rea

9 Best Upcoming Anime Arc

The Jeju Island Arc (Solo Levelling)

Image Credit:-  A-1 Pictures

Solo levelling will enter its next arc The Jeju Island arc. It is one of the best arcs in this anime. The level of action and violence will touch new heights in this arc, people who read Manhwa already know how amazing this arc is. This arc will also play a vital role in the upcoming events. The shadow team will increase in this anime so many new characters, monsters and powerful identities got revealed too.

It explores the world of solo levelling in detail. It also shows you how chaotic a dungeon break will become the whole Island is filled with monsters and no one can clear that island. The main villain of Jeju Island is also a powerful monster with intelligence dealing with him is another hard task for the adventurers. This arc will give you a good time for sure.

Monster Association Arc (One Punch Man)

image Credit:- One Punch Man Manga

If you have seen One Punch Man then you already know about the grand action of One Punch Man. However, Monster Association Arc will take this action on a whole other dimension. The animators are going to have a hard time animating the whole action sequences in this arc. We have never Saitama using his full strength at all but maybe we are going to see Saitama using his full powers.

The whole battle is going to take place in space people who are reading manga already know about it. Moreover, Garou becomes more strong and unstoppable. In Season 3 of One Punch Man announced long ago we are going see this arc somewhere in 2025. Things become more serious and brutal with amazing action this arc is packed with everything you ever expected from one punch man. I is one going to be one of the best upcoming anime arc.

Final War Arc (My Hero Academia)

best upcoming anime arc
image Credit:- Studio Bones

After seven seasons and movies My Hero Academia entering in its final arc. Fans from all over the world waiting for this arc. The scale and storyline both became intense, it is going to have lots of action, thriller and emotions. This arc will decide what’s going to happen with the “one for all” power.

The past few arc of MHA isn’t that interesting they followed the typical shounen formula we haven’t seen anything breattaking but this arc has all the potential to become the best arc in the MHA franchise. This arc is going to deal with the supervillain and his evil league of villain our heroes is also going all out war with them. Let’s hope this arc make the whole anime good again.

Infinity Castle Arc (Demon Slayer)

Image Credit;- Studio Ufotable

Demon Slayer also entering its final arc. The last few arcs of Demon Slayer aren’t that good like the Entertainment District arc or the Mugen train arc the last arc lacks emotion and characters fans couldn’t see their favourite character in action but Finally we are going to see Muzan and Hashira fighting each for theirs lives.

It’s going to be packed with action, thriller and emotions. This arc is going to take place in Muzan Infinity Castle. Ufotable makes this season magical again with its animation. After breaking record after record, it’s going to end after this arc. There are so many who started Demon Slayer as their first anime ever and now they have to say goodbye. The long-awaited battle between Hashira and the upper moon finally takes place in this castle.

Shinjuku Showdown Arc (Jujutsu Kaisen)

image Credit:- Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Every Arc of jujutsu kaise is a mind-blowing special Shibuya incident arc. In terms of story, action and emotions the whole arc sets everything on a different level. From the very start Gojo’s intense battle with the curses and Megumi’s fighting Toji then Sukuna Vs Mahoraga every battle is packed with action and thriller. But Gojo vs. Sukuna is going to be another peak battle from the Jujutsu Kaise universe. The next arc is going to be the best upcoming anime arc in Jujutsu kaisen.

But you have to wait for a little before Gojo vs. Sukuna, first, the culling game arc is going air. The main highlight of the culling game is going to be Maki Yuji Megumi and Yuta along with other jujutsu sorcerers however we will make a whole different avatar than anything we have seen so far. Both these arcs will blow your mind and don’t let you distracted. Gojo is trapped inside the other dimensions the whole world can go into Chaos. The whole balance between a curse and the human world is shaken.

Reze Arc (Chainsaw Man)

image Credit:- Mappa studio

The another best upcoming anime arc is from Chainsaw man. After the best action and violence we have seen in the last season of Chainsaw Man it is returning for the next season in the form of a movie. The next Arc in the Chainsaw Man franchise is Reze Arc. This is one of the best and most hyped arcs in the anime. It is going to a movie, you can enjoy this arc in the theatre.

You’ll see the wild fantasy of Reze and Denji with amazing action twists and turns. The power of Reze is also interesting and dangerous at the same time. Dealing with her isn’t easy. We can see Reze Arc in the theatre probably at the end of 2024. We will explore the world of Chainsaw even more and see multiple characters with unique powers. People complain about the weird animation while fighting sequences.

Spade Raid Arc (Black Clover)

Image Credit:- Black clover manga

Spade Raid Arc is going to take place in Spade’s kingdom after the captain of the black bull is abducted. The Spade Kingdom is controlled by evil people and to save the captain and other teammates Asta and Yuno will fight alongside to defeat the evil being of the Spade Kingdom. This arc is also going to be packed with action, thriller and mysteries. This arc has the potential to become the best upcoming anime arc from black clover.

Especially the mystery related to Yuno. The action is going to be hard, the other captains also going to be the part of Raid team. This arc also going to explore the world of black clover even more. We are likely to see the full demon form of Asta too. It is one of the best and major arcs of the black clover anime franchise. We may be going to see this arc in the form of a movie. If that happens the experience of watching this arc is going to be more amazing.

The Conflict (Bleach)

image Credit:-  Pierrot

Bleach is one of the most popular anime out there with a unique plot and world-building bleach made its place in the Big 3. Fans all over the world patiently waiting for the next season of bleach. It took years to come and finally, Bleach TYBW Arc started airing, which is packed with great action, story and emotions it touched fans’ hearts and revived the whole anime series.

The next amazing arc you’ll see in Bleach is called The Conflict, it will deal with action but the key highlight is going to be a conflict between characters as the name suggests. It is also going to deliver good story, action and character development. If you haven’t watched Bleach yet then you’re making a mistake. If you like Naruto Dragon Ball then you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. It will amaze you and you’ll not feel bored at all.

Granolah The Survivor Arc (Dragon Ball)

image Credit:- Dragon ball manga

The Last best upcoming anime arc on our list is from Dragon Ball. We haven’t seen anything concrete and exciting in the Dragon Ball universe for a long time now. Like in the old days, we have seen so many amazing arcs in Dragon Ball anime, packed with action, adventure and thriller. We have seen the movies of Dragon Ball with the same level of action but fans waiting for the anime to come out.

This arc has the potential to give nostalgia and the same experience by recreating that same magic again. This arc is going to a survival but with action, thriller and more. We still don’t know when we are going to see this arc but the manga readers already the potential. Let’s hope we will this arc soon.

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