10 Most Powerful Kaiju In Kaiju No. 8 Manga so far 

By:- AnimeSimp

Kaiju No. 10

It has incredible speed and power. And it is the only kaiju who turned into a weapon and is still alive. It enjoys fighting and can shape-shifting and more. 

Kaiju No. 1 (RT-0001)

it is the first kaiju which receives a number and he's known as The Future Sight Kaiju because he can predict enemy attacks. His eyes are currently used by the first divison Captain. 

Kaiju No. 2

Kaiju No. 2 destroyed Sapporo single-handedly. It is known for its monstrous strength, pride and power. He releases a sonic boom to destroy enemies from afar. 

Kaiju No. 14

It is made by Kaiju No. 9 specially to deal with Mina. It can teleport, shoot lasers and create a force field. It took a lot of effort to destroy it. It causes so much destruction before taken down. 

Kaiju No. 13

It is also created by the Kaiju No. 9. It has incredible speed, and he can change the shape of his muscles to improve himself but It is not as powerful as the other Kaiju's. 

Kaiju No. 11

Another kaiju was Created by Kaiju No. 9. It has hydrokinesis abilities, high resistance and amazing strength. It can also morph his body according to the situation. 

Kaiju No. 12

It is also created by the Kaiju No. 9.  This Kaiju is an improved version of Kaiju No. 10. It specialises in close combat. He has everything that Kaiju No. 10. 

Kaiju No. 15

Kaiju No. 15 is an special one because intead of fighting with bru th force it uses mental abilities and trauma to weaken his opponent. It can dig deeper in people's memory to destroy them. 

Kaiju No. 8

so far we have seen Kaiju No. 8 only using his half of the strength but maybe in the future, he can become the strongest kaiju ever. We don't even know the full abilities of Kaiju No. 8. 

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