7 Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8 Manga 

By:- AnimeSimp

The corpses of Identified Kaiju are turned into particularly powerful weapons known as Numbers weapons. 

What is Numbers Weapon?

7. Numbers Weapon 10 ( User: Soshiro Hoshina )

It is used by the vice-captain of the third division. This weapon has its own will because it's alive. It improves the durability and speed of the user. 

6. Number 9’s suit ( User: Kaiju No. 9)

Kaiju No. 9 is one of the most intelligent and strongest kaiju. He can do so many things with his abilities. He becomes more strong after getting the weapon no. 2. 

5. Transformation abilities (User: Kafka Hibino)

The transformation ability of Kafka itself is a weapon. We haven't seen his full potential yet and his unique abilities. In the manga, he's pretty strong but he still has room to grow. 

4. Number Weapon 6 (User:- Leno Ichikawa)

It is the most dangerous suit. It has 16 cannons which shoot ice and freeze the target instantly. It also grants high speed, endurance, reflexes and other things. 

3. Number Weapons 4 (user:- Kikoru Shinomiya)

This suit is previously wielded by her mother. It grants user flying abilities and extreme speed when you combine it with the battle axe, it becomes a deadly combo. 

2. Number Weapon 1 (user:- Gen Narumi)

This weapon is wielded by the first division captain Gen Narumi. With the help of this suit, he can see through bodies and objects, and see the movements of electrons. 

1. Number Weapon 2 (User:- Isao Shinomiya)

This weapon has only been wielded 2 people so far and one of them is Isao. It creates a sonic boom which can destroy a kaiju or building easily. 

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