8 Best Anime To Watch In July 2024 

By:- AnimeSimp

Jul. 03, 2024 

Oshi No Ko Season 2 

The most popular anime from last season is returning for season 2.  After the first episode, the story becomes slow but maybe in this season we are going to see the same hype and storyline.  This season is going to be good. 

Fairy Tail: 100 year Quest 

Fairy is returning for the next season after 5 years. The story is going to follow an impossible quest which has been unaccomplished for over a century now. Natsu and others are going on this quest to complete it. It is going to be interesting .  

Suicide Squad Isekai 

If you love Suicide Squad then you have to watch this Suicide Squad Isekai anime. The suicide squad team is going to be transported into another world and now they have to deal with monsters and other things. 

Monogatari Series 

Monogatari Series: Off & Monster Season is going to continue the story of the main character. It is going to focus on college life but it is a Monogatari series we don't know what kind of surprise we will see ahead. 

Days With My Stepsister 

The father of our main characters decided to remarry and the life of the protagonist suddenly got ruined he has to share everything with his stepsister now. But it is not that bad if they become friend or potential lovers in the future. 

Alya Hides Her Feeling 

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian is going to be one of the best romance anime this season for sure. Alya sometimes says romantic things in Russian but she doesn't know he also understands Russian too. 


Half of the population suddenly disappeared and our protagonist is selected to play a game to save the majority of the people. The game becomes more difficult and he has to save himself too. Will he be able to do that? 

No Longer Allowed in Another World 

No Longer Allowed in Another World is an Isekai anime. Our main character got cute girl and video games like power sounds like a paradise but he's searching for  a peaceful place to die. He has no motivation left to live. 

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