These are the must-watch anime you should be following in spring 2024

Best Spring Anime of 2024

The spring season of 2024 started and new anime also started to come out. However, a lot of people wanted to watch the best anime only. There is an extensive range of anime that is going to be released this spring season. it can be hard to pin down the best of the best floating in a sea of anime. And here is the list of Best Spring Anime of 2024

Moreover, In this list you can find your favorite anime to follow this season, our list contains a wide range of different anime with different genres. it will broaden your horizon and help you to pick the best.

Below we have 10+ best anime to follow this season. We’d recommend you to start watching from today. ranging from the best storyline to the best comedy, there is so much you can enjoy. Shonen, Comedy, Isekai, a slice of life, sci-fi, and many more. So are you ready to watch something good? Now it’s time to watch the best spring anime of 2024.

Best Spring Anime of 2024: 10+ Best Must-Watch Anime

Mushoku Tensei  Season 2 Part 2
Best spring Anime 2024
Image credit– Studio Bind

The father of all Isekai anime is returning with its next season. If you haven’t watched this masterpiece Isekai anime then what are you waiting for? If you want to watch the best anime with amazing characters, beautiful animation, and a storyline then this is the anime for you. The story follows our main character who died in an accident in his past life. However, he was born again in a new world as a baby. This world is completely new for him. Mushoku Tensei contains a wide variety of characters, empires, species, magic, action, and much more.

The latest season of Mushoku Tensei is going to follow the story of Rudy and Sylphy, and how they’re going to start their life again. Without a doubt, Mushoku Tensei is going to be the Best Spring Anime of 2024. We’d highly recommend you check out this anime and enjoy it.

Kaiju No. 8

Best Spring Anime of 2024
Image credit– Production I.G and Studio Khara

If you read manga then you already know how big this anime is going to be. This is the most anticipated anime of spring 2024 since the trailer first launched. The story is set in alternative Japan where monsters causing catastrophic damage for years. Our main character also lives in this world.

Since childhood, Kafka and his best friend Mina Ashiro wanted to be part of the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force. But sadly Kafka couldn’t pass the exam and works as a cleaning crew in Kaiju. On the other hand, his best friend Mina becomes the high-ranking officer in the corps. But life takes a different turn when a parasite enters Kafka’s body and he can turn himself into a kaiju now. But the world doesn’t know his secret and his monstrous form called Kaiju no. 8. This is an action anime and who knew this anime would become the best spring anime of 2024? So we’d highly recommend you to watch it.


Best Spring Anime of 2024
Image Credit- Ufotable Studio

Demon Season 4 is also making it to this season. In this season the story revolves around Tanjiro Kamado as he seeks to train under Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira. To become a high member of the demon slayer corps. This time he has to face Lord Muzan and his Upper Rank demon commanders. This season is going to be more mature and progressive compared to the last season. As always the animation is going to be breathtaking. We all are going to see Hashira fighting together to defeat high-rank demon commanders. This season is going to be the best spring anime of the 2024 list. So let’s wait for this season to come out.


best spring anime of 2024
Image Credit– Studio Bones

The 7th season of My Hero Academia is coming this spring season. Another candidate to become the best spring anime of 2024. In this season we are going to see a battle between Hero and League of Villains. The League of Villains getting stronger and bigger every day. So All might request aid from all over the world to defeat them. Deku and his company doing their best to prevent All for One from getting stolen. But the villain league already made their move to steal Deku’s Quirk for their selfish needs. Studio Bones animating this season of My Hero Academia so the animation is going to be top-notch.

This is going to play an important role in the upcoming storyline of MHA. So let’s hope this season does something extraordinary.

That time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3

Best Spring Anime of 2024
image Credit– Crunchyroll

Every season there are multiple Isekai anime are released but few of them can make an impact in the anime community. And That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime can leave that impact in the community for sure. And now it’s renewed with season 3. As the name suggests it’s an Isekai anime but the world-building, character, animation, fight scene everything is breathtaking. This is another one of the best spring anime of 2024.

The story follows Satoru Mikami, a salaryman who is murdered and then reincarnated in a sword and sorcery world as a titular slime, who goes on to gather allies to build his nation of monsters. If you like Isekai anime then you should give this anime a try. You’ll not be disappointed. So check out this anime.

Konosuba Season 3

Image credit- Studio Drive

If you want to watch something funny and unexpected with great animation and characters then you have to watch this. This will make you laugh with its unexpected dark comedy. The storytelling is also great too. If you like ‘Kaguya-sama’ you’ll like this one too. The world of Konosuba is filled with monsters, Demon lords, magic, and much more.

The Story follows teenager Kazuma Satou, who is reincarnated from “saving” a young girl’s life. After death, he is transported to goddess Aqua and given the option to save the world from the demon lord and his story begins. However, this task is not as easy as it looks. He formed a party in that world and started his journey to defeat the demon king to get a peaceful life. This anime is going to be the best spring anime of 2024 in the comedy genre for sure.

Mysterious Disappearances

image credit- Crunchyroll

Mysterious Disappearances is a detective, mystery, fantasy anime making its debut this spring season. This anime follows the story of Sumireko Ogawa’s dream of becoming a novelist is reinvigorated with new rumors of mystical incidents. Now a clerk at a bookstore, she enlists her young coworker, Ren Adashino, to investigate urban legends, black magic, and ghost stories across the city. Sumireko has a knack for triggering magical events, and Ren has a dark secret of his own. Will they survive their investigation unscathed? This anime has the potential to become your favorite spring anime of 2024. If you’re someone who enjoys mystery shows then you should check out this anime for sure. We’d recommend you.


best spring anime of 2024
Image Credit– Studio Deen

The next best spring anime of 2024 list is Re: Monster another anime making its debut this spring season. The story follows Tomokui Kanata who is a former but after getting stabbed in the heart, and born as a little green goblin baby Given the name Gobrou. After being born as goblin baby Kanata he retains the intelligence and memories of his former life. Moreover, he also learns that he can absorb the power of whatever he eats which helps him to level up to Hobgoblin form with strength, speed, and some luscious locks. If you like Isekai then you can check out this anime.

A Condition Called Love

best spring anime of 2024
Image Credti-  East Fish Studio

A Condition Called Love is an high school rom-com Hotaru Hinase, a 16-year-old first-year student who is completely ambivalent about the idea of falling in love. However everything changes in her after his classmate Noi Hana asksed her out  on a date after she helps him in the wake of a messy breakup. How they’re going to manage these new feeling together and maintain their relationship. This is a new rom-com anime coming out this spring season. If you like rom-com then you we’d recommand you to give this anime a chance. who know this anime will become the best spring anime of 2024 for you.

Date A Live Season 5

best spring anime of 2024
image credit- Geek Toys

The 5th season of Date A Live is coming out this spring season. But don’t get fooled by the name of this anime. The story takes place in a world where 30 years ago a massive spatial quake occurred causing 150 million deaths of innocent people. Shidou Itsuka is a seemingly average high school student who lives with his younger sister, Kotori.

One day another Spatial quake occurs and he rushes to save his sister but He discovers a mysterious girl at its source, who is revealed to be a “Spirit,” an otherworldly entity whose appearance triggers a spatial quake. But after that, his life completely changes. If you love a good storyline, action, and some romance then you should give it a try. Maybe this anime become the best spring anime of 2024 for you.

Wink Breaker

Best spring anime of 2024

If you like martial arts anime like Tokyo Revengers and Bucchigiri then this anime is for you. The story revolves around Haruka Sakura, a boorish first-year high school student who is only interested in being the strongest kid around. However, after getting into a notorious school known for degenerates who routinely get into brawls, However, he realizes that his classmates aren’t just common punks they’re fighting secretly to protect their town from evil.

Haruka also decides to join them but he doesn’t care about protecting the town he only cares about getting stronger and becoming the strongest man around. If you like grounded shows then this anime is for you. Who knows this anime become the best spring anime of 2024 for you.

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