Follow these Best New Anime 2024 if you don’t know what to watch in this anime season. These are the latest anime to watch in spring 2024. Here is the list of the best new anime.

best new anime 2024

The spring season of Anime 2024 is flooded with new anime and sequels. There are so many different kinds of anime coming out this season and we picked up some of the best new anime in 2024. There are a variety of anime coming this season you can pick up according to your taste. we haven’t included sequels in this list, we picked up only the best new anime.

Action, fantasy, drama, calming, slice of life every kind of anime presented in this list. There are almost 500+ episodes of anime released every season and it’s impossible to watch them all but here are some of the best new anime of the spring season 2024. Let’s start the list.

Best New Anime 2024 list, You Should Watch

Kaiju No. 8

best new anime
image credit– Production I.G,

Kaiju No. 8 is going to be one of the best anime from this season, with its different concept and compelling storytelling. The animation is also amazing without any compromises. If you’re looking for great action, plot and comedy then you should check out kaiju no.8 it will not disappoint you and give you an amazing time while watching it.

The story occurs in a world of monsters like Godzilla’s called kaiju. The Kaiju defence force protects civilians from these monsters. Our protagonist also wants to join the defence force to protect people from Kaiju’s but he failed the exams multiple times. However, while working he got injured by a kaiju and got hospitalized but another kaiju appeared, and gave him powers to transform into a kaiju.


Re: Monster

best new anime
image credit– Studio Deen

Re: Monster is another isekai anime airing this season. The story is similar just like any other isekai however, it’s a little different from other isekai too. The animation, comedy, action everything is great. So far everything going just fine the only thing this anime needs is an OP moment to shine. If you want to watch a new isekai, then you can check this out.

Our main character Tomokui Kanata, a powerful human who is killed by a childhood friend got reincarnated as a goblin baby into a fantasy world where magic and monsters are normal. He begins his new life as a goblin however, he can consume monsters and gain their power. He is going to use his past life experience to make his new life better.

Wind Breaker

best new anime 2024
Image credit- CloverWorks

Wind Breaker is a high school drama anime. If you like Tokyo Revenger or Bucchigiri then you can watch this anime too. Unlike the Tokyo Revenger this doesn’t deal with time travel, it has simple but a good storyline so far. The characters are very likable and the action, and animation are also worth praising too. You can check this out if you like this kind of anime.

The story follows Haruka Sakura who wants to become the strongest man in Furin High School, a school mainly famous for its brawling strength—strength they use to protect their town from anyone who wishes it ill. But Haruka only wants to become stronger and stronger.

Go! Go! Loser Ranger!

image credit–  Yostar Pictures

Go Go Loser Ranger is another anime you should watch this season. The story is unique and interesting anything we have ever seen. The animation is great, action sequence is also great. There are so many characters in this anime and every one of them is interesting in their way. It is inspired by Power Ranger but because of the characters and story, this anime feels refreshing. It is the best new anime in 2024 so far.

Go Go Loser Ranger is a dark version of Power Rangers. The story revolves around a soldier frustrated by the defeats in the battleground multiple times. The dragon keepers beat the monster army numerous times and killed their bosses. The soldier decided to take his revenge on dragon keepers and desired victory in battle.

A Condition Called Love

image credit– East Fish Studio

The list is incomplete without adding a romance anime. The romance anime you should watch this season is A Condition Called Love. Two polar opposite characters fall for each other. This rom-com anime doesn’t force anything on you everything feels realistic and natural. If you want to watch something romantic then you should try this anime. Best new anime 2024 in romance.

The story revolves around a 16-year-old high school student Hotaru who has always been ambivalent about love, instead, she prefers spending time with her family and friends. However, one day she saw her classmate Hananoi-kun sitting on a bench after a public breakup. she decided to share her umbrella with him.

An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride 

best new anime
image credit– Brain’s Base

This is another best new anime you should be following in this spring season of 2024. You’ll fall in love with the cuteness of the elf character in this anime. Her gentle nature, personality, looks everything will make you want to watch the next episode of this anime. The story and animation are decent, however, the characters and comedy moments are really good. We’d recommend you check it out.

Our protagonist Zagan is a sorcerer who loves studying magic and his only is to become the best sorcerer in the world. However, in this world sorcerer are considered evil beings, they use their powers to commit crimes. But Zagan’s life takes a different turn after he sees a white-haired elf girl and ends up falling for her.

Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf

image credit–  Passione

If you want to watch something relaxing and calming anime then you can check out Spice and Wolf. The storyline is simple but the meaning hidden behind the conversation between characters is something worth watching. The animation is great you don’t see any compromises here. This anime will give you the feeling of a Vinland saga kind of show. Another best new anime you can watch this season.

The story follows a 25-year-old man travelling merchant named Kraft Lawrence who meets Holo, a female wolf deity of wheat. A long time ago people used to believe and prey on the goddess Holo for a good harvest but as time passed people forgot her. So she set on a journey to see the world.

Mysterious Disappearances

image credit– ZERO-G

If you’re someone who loves mystery, thriller anime then here is the anime you should watch this season. Mysterious Disappearances deals with horror and supernatural phenomenon elements. It is the best new anime mystery anime from this season. The characters and animation are also great no compromise there. The story doesn’t take much time to set up things, from the very start you’ll start enjoying this anime.

The story follows Sumireko Ogawa a desiring novelist who loves mysteries she works with a boy named Ren Adashino at a bookstore. One day they witness strange occurrences and attempt to solve mysteries. Are they going to succeed in it or get into trouble? we’d recommend you watch this best new anime.

Bartender Glass of God

image credit–  Palm Studio

The Bartender Glass of God is another best new anime you should check out. The anime doesn’t have any real plot or story just a serving drink to the people. However, when he starts serving perfect drinks for his customers the conversations between both parties will grab your attention. Every episode is going to show you something that you haven’t seen. You’ll start connecting to it more. This is a relaxing and calming anime that you can watch every week.

The story follows Ryu Sasakura, a talented bartender who loves making drinks for his customers. However, he uses his compassionate ears and drinks to help customers to solve their problems. Every episode will show the reason why the customer needs this drink.

Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included

image credit–  Okuruto Noboru

The 2nd last anime in our list of best new anime to watch in the spring 2024 season is Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, and Angel Included. The animation is good no problem there. It focuses on the angel and how she is going to adjust to the human world. It is a rom-com anime with a fantasy element presented in the show. If you love watching romance anime then you can check this out. We’d recommend this best new anime to you.

The story follows a high schooler named Shintarō Tokumitsu who lives alone in an apartment. However one day a named Towa appear on his balcony and starts living with him. She is assigned by the god to learn from humanity and convinces Shintaro of her identity. Is she going to succeed in her task or not? to find out you have to watch this anime.

Chillin in Another World With Cheat Powers

best new anime
Image credit– J.C. STAFF

The last anime you can watch in this season is Chillin’ in Another World with Cheat Powers. It is an Isekai anime with OP’s main character and good plot so don’t expect too much from this anime. But if you like Isekai anime and want to watch something good without using your brain too much then you can check out this anime.

The story follows the kingdom of Klyrode summons hundreds of heroes from another world to fight evil monsters and their leader. Our protagonist also summoned from another world to help this kingdom to overcome this problem.

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