7 most powerful weapons in the kaiju no. 8 manga ranked. These are the strongest weapons so far in the manga. The manga is currently ongoing the list can be changed in the future.

7 strongest weapons in kaiju no. 8

Disclaimer:- Because of the ongoing nature of the series this list is made based on the current chapters of the series. It can be changed shortly. Also, there are some spoilers ahead. We are just going to discuss about Number Weapons in this article not about the members or normal equipment.

Kaiju No. 8 is the most anticipated anime of this season so far. The fans worldwide like the anime and enjoy it every week. You have seen the list of the strongest kaiju or strongest kaiju defence force members in the manga. But many people don’t know about the weapons used by the kaiju defence force members. These are the 7 most powerful weapons in the Kaiju no. 8 series.

What are the kaiju weapons?

The corpses of Identified Kaiju are turned into particularly powerful weapons known as Numbers Provided by Izumo Tech biggest company in Japan who make weapons to fight kaiju. These weapons keep the ability of a kaiju when it is alive. These weapons also have unique abilities depending on the kaiju corpse which is chosen to make a weapon.

These weapons are powerful enough to critically damage or kill Daikaiju-class kaiju. But the strength of a weapon also depends on the person who is wielding it. If the person is not compatible with the weapon then they can’t unlock its full potential.

There are also a few side effects related to these number weapons. The side effect also varies depending on the user or weapons. When the user wield one of these number weapons the energy and cells of a Daikaiju sync with wielder, it causes the abnormal spike in neurotransmitter level and trasmittion rate in the brain.

Side Effects:-

  1. The basic nature and desire that comes to the surface depends on the surface.
  2. Seeing things like ghosts and other things.
  3. Regular use of a number of weapons causes strain on the body.
  4. These number weapons cause fatal damage or reduce life span.

7 Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8

7. Numbers Weapon 10 ( User: Soshiro Hoshina )

Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8
Image Credit- Kaiju No. 8

The first weapon in the list of 9 most powerful weapons in Kaiju no. 8 is Number Weapon 10. This weapon is wielded by Third Division Vice-Captain Soshiro Hoshina. This is the only weapon in the history of the Kaiju defence force that has a will of its own. And because of that Number weapon 10 is the strongest but the weakest weapon at the same time.

The Numbers Weapon 10 is made out of the corpse of Kaiju no. 10. The suit looks all black with green outlines and a tail with an eye at the chest area of the user. The reason why this weapon is weak right now is because of the compatibility with the user. We haven’t seen the full potential of the suit yet. However, in the future, this weapon has the potential to become one of the strongest Number Weapons.

Numbers Weapon 10 Powers

  1. High Unleashed Combat Power
  2. Enhanced Strength
  3. Immense Speed and Reflexes
  4. Enhanced Durability
  5. Enhanced Endurance
  6. Projectile Firing

6. Number 9’s suit ( User: Kaiju No. 9)

most powerful weapons

Kaiju No. 9 is one of the strongest and most intelligent kaiju appeared in the manga of Kaiju No. 8 so far. This weapon is shrouded in mystery. So many things are still known about the Number 9 weapon. This suit is wielded by the former Defense Force’s Director General. However, it has been taken over by the parasitic Kaiju No. 9. The full potential of this weapon is still known.

Kaiju No. 9 identifies as the humanoid kaiju. Who goes around trying to revive the kaiju killed by the Defense Force to take back the kaiju power stolen by humans. It is the most powerful weapon in Kaiju no. 8 for sure.

Number 9 Suit’s Powers

  1. Immense Physical Strength
  2. Immense Speed and Reflexes
  3. Kaiju No. 9 is extremely durable
  4. Shapeshifting
  5. Healing abilities

There are many more powers and abilities of the Number 9 suit that are yet to be revealed.

5. Transformation abilities (User: Kafka Hibino)

most powerful weapons in kaiju no. 8
Image Credit- Production I.G.

The transformation ability of Kafka Hibino to transform into a Kaiju itself is a Number weapon. He got this ability from an unknown kaiju who entered his body one day, the second he entered Kafka’s body he turned into a Kaiju causing chaos all around. He got different powers and abilities when he transformed into a Kaiju. He also got weapons like Katana, and Juggernaut( Claws ) powerful enough to kill strong Kaiju in battle.

The full potential of Kafka’s transformation ability is still unknown. He becomes more powerful because he’s the series’ main character. However, he is already so strong in the manga. What if he starts using the full power of Number suit we can’t even imagine how strong he can become in the future.

Kafka Transformation abilities:-

  1. Unleashed Combat Power
  2. Kaiju Transformation
  3. Immense Strength
  4. Immense Durability
  5. Immense Speed and Reflexes
  6. Energy Emission
  7. Shapeshifting
  8. Gigantification
  9. Regeneration
  10. Katana
  11. Juggernaut ( Claws )

4. Number Weapon 6 (User:- Leno Ichikawa)

Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8
Image Credit- Production I.G.

Numbers Weapon 6 is a combat suit, made from the corpse of Kaiju no. 6. It is a special combat suit specialising in fighting, it is considered the most powerful and dangerous suit by the Kaiju defence force. This combat suit allows its user to release ice. It is also packed with 16 small cannons provided by the defence force. Without a doubt Number weapon 6 is one of the most powerful weapons in Kaiju no. 8.

These canons allow their users to freeze multiple giant-size Daikaiju with no effort. It also increases the overall skill and physical abilities of the user, these abilities are already far beyond that of the standard combat suits of the Defense Force. The full potential of the suit is yet to be unlocked. As the manga progresses we can use more powers and abilities of this suit.

Number Weapon 6 Powers

  1. Cryokinesis ( Firing Ice )
  2. Cannons
  3. High Unleashed Combat Power
  4. Enhanced Speed and Reflexes
  5. Enhanced Endurance

3. Number Weapons 4 (user:- Kikoru Shinomiya)

Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8
Image Credit- Production I.G.

Kikoru Shinomiya is already so strong without even using the Number Weapons. Despite being a rookie, Kikoru shinomiya was able to release 46% of power from the defence force suit on her first try. After training with Gen Narumi, she further improved her combat and fighting abilities even more. Currently, she can release 94% power from the suit. Which is the highest for a non-Captain Defense Force officer.

Number Weapon 4 is made from the corpse of Kaiju No. 4. This suit grants extreme speed to its user and also gives flying abilities to cover long distances in a short time. It also enhances the reflex and combat abilities of the user. Another most powerful weapons in Kaiju no. 8.

Battle Axe:- Kikoru Shinomiya also uses a battle axe in combat. This battle axe also releases power to defeat kaiju.

Number Weapon 4 Powers

  1. Grant Flying Ability
  2. Extreme Speed
  3. High Unleashed Combat Power
  4. Enhanced Strength
  5. Enhanced Endurance

2. Number Weapon 1 (user:- Gen Narumi)

7 Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8

Number Weapon 1 is a special weapon made from the corpse of Kaiju no. 1. Gen Narumi is the strongest anti-kaiju defence force member. He is the captain of the first division defence force, the strongest defence force in Kaiju no. 8. However, he holds the title of ‘the strongest’ but Gen has never once been able to beat his former mentor, Isao Shinomiya (Former Director General).

Gen Narumi Number weapon 1 works a little bit differently compared to other Number weapons. He got the retinas implanted into his eyes from Kaiju No. 1 and because of that, he can see through his enemy’s body, which helps him to spot the weaknesses of the Kaiju.

Gen Narumi went one step ahead after getting Number Weapon 1 he can now see the movements of electrons, temperature fluctuations and other things too. Because of that he can predict or pinpoint his enemy’s movement with precise accuracy.

Number Weapon 1 Powers

  1. Foresight ( See-through bodies and objects, see the movements of electrons, temperature fluctuations and other things)
  2. High Unleashed Combat Power
  3. Enhanced Strength
  4. Immense Speed and Reflexes
  5. Immense Endurance

1. Number Weapon 2 (User:- Isao Shinomiya)

Most Powerful Weapons In Kaiju No. 8

Isao Shinomiya is former former Director General of the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force. He has complete authority over the entire organisation. He was also considered ‘the strongest soldier’ in the entire history of the defence force. Once he fought with the berserk Kaiju no. 8 and nearly killed the Kaiju No. 9.

The weapon he uses to fight Kaiju is called Number Weapon 2 made from the corpse of Kaiju No. 2. This weapon creates a powerful sonic boom strong enough to destroy a building or Kaiju. Isao wears this weapon on his hands, he can also produce highly destructive electrical attacks from his Number Weapon 2.

Number Weapon 2 Powers

  1. Sonic Booms
  2. Electric Attacks
  3. High Unleashed Combat Power
  4. Enhanced Strength
  5. Immense Speed and Reflexes
  6. Immense Endurance

Where are the Numbers Weapons 3, 5 and 7?

There aren’t many details present about the Number Weapons 3,5 and 7. However, they’re mentioned in the manga but their power and user are still unknown. We should see these weapons and their users in action in the future.

  • Number Weapon 3: a weapon made from the corpse of Kaiju No. 3 and used by an unnamed Northern Division member.
  • Number Weapon 7: a weapon made from the corpse of Kaiju No. 7.
  • Number Weapon 5: It is used by an unnamed Northern Division member, made from the corpse of Kaiju No. 5.

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