Here is the answer Is Super Cube anime worth watching or not? Should you watch this anime or watch something else?

Super Cube Anime

Is Super Cube Anime worth watching?

Super cube anime gained lots of popularity throughout the year. The storyline is simple but also compelling to the viewers. But lots of people are still not sure about watching Super Cube anime. We have discussed all the major points of this anime. Super Cube: Created by Shuiluo Sheng Sheng. An ordinary boy won the affection of his goddess and thus pissed off a gang leader. And this is how the journey of our main character begins.

Story Summary

The story revolves around a boy Wang Xiaoxiu is over the moon when his crush confesses that she likes him, but her love comes at a price, and he’s pissed off a gang leader who’s got his eyes on her. Beaten up and left to die at the bottom of a river, he finds a mysterious cube that grants him powers right before he drowns. Armed with newfound strength, he sets out on a quest to help people and punish evil. This is the basic story summary of super cube anime.


When it comes to the animation of Super Cube anime it is not the best animation you can see. The animation department is impoverished it feels weird sometimes while watching the anime. The art style also differs from anything we have ever seen but it will grow on you after some time. But if you have watched other anime adaptions then you’ll realize it’s not even close to best. The animation department needs a lot of improvement.


It starts just like any other anime. but it shapes into something amazing after a while. we thoroughly enjoy the humor in Super Cube, which aligns perfectly with our taste. The characters in the current stage of the story are exceptionally well-developed, each possessing distinct and intriguing personalities.

This series has quickly become my favorite read, prompting me to create an account solely to share this positive review. While we appreciate the uniqueness of the art style, especially as the story progresses, we must admit that its quality isn’t quite up to what I would consider objectively great. Consequently, we rated it lower in that aspect. Nevertheless, Super Cube anime remains a captivating read that has captivated me to the point of addiction.

But again the art style could be much better there are might some people who likes this kind of art style and some not but in our experience the animation was fine.

Should you watch super cube anime or not?

The storyline of super cube anime takes it sweet time. But when the story progresses you’ll start liking it. The art style unique and it has the touches of faded colors and because of that the whole world feels sadistic and funny at the same time. The comedy element in the series is also good you’ll enjoy them too.

If you haven’t read or watched these kind of storyline then you’ll this anime But you have read or watched these kind of fantasy stories then you might not like it. We recommend you to read the original manga instead of watching the anime.

Manga gives you much better experience then anime. You will enjoy the storyline and animation in the manga more. Because it will give much more time to think about character and you can decide the characters voice and personality according to your way.


We recommend you to read the manga instead of watching the anime. You’ll get much better experience while reading instead of watching the super cube anime. But you can check out few episodes first then you should decide.

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