Should you watch Id: Invaded Anime or not? Is Id: Invaded Anime Worth watching? Here is the answer to your all questions.

Id: Invaded Anime Worth watching

Many people want to watch Id: Invaded anime but are confused about whether to watch it. Id: Invaded anime was released in 2020 and at that time it didn’t get that much recognition but now a lot of people want to watch this anime. Suddenly it became famous. You can watch this anime with your family and friends too. You’ll find all your answers about Id: Invaded Anime Worth watching or not.

If you love psychology crime thriller anime or shows then you’ll enjoy this anime. It is a whole package and it has everything you want to watch in a show. The animation, Plot, characters everything is on point. The modern world you’ll see in this anime is another interesting and unique thing about this anime.

Where to Watch Id: Invaded Anime?

Id: Invaded Anime was released in 2020. NAZ Studio the animation is really good. You can watch ID: Invaded on Crunchyroll. There is only 1 season available of Id: Invaded anime to watch right now. The teaser of season 2 will be released in 2021 but no one knows when season 2 of Id Invaded will come out.

Is Id: Invaded Anime Worth watching?

Id Invaded Anime Worth watching


Id: Invaded anime has everything you expect from an anime. It is a detective anime with great action, story, and thriller. The storyline is so intriguing that you want to watch the next episode. Since the very first episode, it will deliver you what it promises. If you love crime thriller then this is the anime for you.

The Plot of Id Invaded anime is another key highlight. It is unique to anything we have seen so far. The modern machines and tech used in their daily lives and how they’re used to solve crimes and help other people are unique. Id: Invaded anime is filled with emotion and dark moments too. You’ll enjoy that moment whenever they come, moreover, the villain you’ll see in this anime is really interesting and smart.

Plot Summary

The story revolves around a renowned detective Narihisago, who now is in prison. He is tasked with diving into the id wells of various serial killers. His daughter was brutally murdered by a serial killer and because of that, his wife committed suicide. Now he wants to find that killer and take revenge.


The animation of Id: Invaded anime is done by NAZ Studio which is a famous studio for animating so many good anime. The animation of Id: Invaded is on point no problem there it is accurate you’ll not complain about it. The action sequences are brilliantly made you’ll enjoy the animation for sure. However, if you compare it with other famous anime then you’ll find it a little weak but overall there is no problem in the animation department at all. So in terms of animation Id: Invaded Anime Worth watching.


In simple words ‘yes’ you can watch Id: Invaded anime if you’re someone who loves good action, crime, thriller and unique plot, then this is the anime for you. You can watch it without a doubt you’ll enjoy it a lot. It will take a little time to set up the story and character but after that, you’ll love every episode and patiently wait for the next episode.

But if you’re expecting so much action then you’ll get a little bit disappointed in this anime. Because this anime is not a masterpiece or anything it is good anime to watch if you have time in your hand or you want to watch something which has a mystery, or thriller element in it. So hold your expectations.

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